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Sale140x140The ACT display & information technology sold at regular intervals, articles from our rental pool or other sources at reduced prices.

Items from the world of digital signage technology.

Upon request, the products can also be offered with a warranty. Ask us!



Technical Data Picture
SL5 Videostand
Design LED Series Model ACT-SL5 / 32x128-RGB / m 300.60.0001
Pixel pitch physically: 5mm
Resolution / Image size: 32 x 256 pixels (full matrix) / 160 x 128 mm
LEDs: Top SMD3in1 high-quality LEDs in highest selection
Colour Support: 16.7 million colors (full color)
Video and graphics capability: yes
Play flash Files: yes
Screen-Splitting: yes share any number of sub-areas
Display Time / Date: Yes different time / date formats displayed
Countdown indicator: Yes End-date and End time set
Simulation on the PC monitor: yes completely or in stages on the monitor
Multi-schedule function: yes timer for automatic playback
Font size (s): flexible win-fonts in accordance with the display size
Publication types: more than 30 variants, and scrolling texts
Brightness approx .: 2,000 cd / m2, for very bright indoor areas, no sunlight
Viewing angle: Led: 160 degrees horizontal, 140 degrees vertical
Control electronics: the main controller built into the display. The display does not have to be permanently connected to the PC.
Memory Capacity: 500MB
Interface: Network interface (CAT5 cable) and remote control for direct selection page. Also USB / OTG interface (no schedule functions and time displays possible). Housing material: Sideways arched with anodized aluminum design profile, front and back elegance, outside the LED area black, above 10cm space for FO profiled company logo etc .. For use in indoor area. Down with square adjustable base plate (3 or 4 square variant possible).
Power supply: 230VAC
Power consumption / consumption approx .: 300W / <80W average (depending on the content)
Weight approx .: 12,5kg (with 3-square base plate, 38x38x52cm) 16,5kg (with 4-square floor panel, 45x45cm)
Dimensions (WxHxD) approx .: 28 x 203 x 8cminkl. Height of the base plate
Includes: Display incl WIN software, brightness adjustable, with additional remote control for direct page selection.. Packing in wooden box.

Origin: rental pool
Age approx .: 06-2014
Use: Ca. 30-40 Hours
Price: CHF 2'495.00 incl. MWSt.

ACT Videosaeule SL5 5 O

LED Videosauele Symbole HP O l
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