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Rental Digital Signage Products

Rent O s a

Perfect solutions for your needs and your period of use!
We have specialists in all areas of video, sound and lighting equipment and provide you with technologically advanced equipment available.
For us full-service means advice, careful planning, personal attention and perfect execution of just-in-time.
Whether static or moving images, whether inside or outside, discuss your requirements with us!

For your request the following information is required


  • Place of your event
  • Drawing/layout plan
  • Connection planned/what is supposed to be displayed
  • Show days
  • Possible setup/test days


LED-Screen Mobil – the new design line:

LED-Screen 03

LED-Screen 07
LED-Screen 09 LED-Screen 10 LED-Screen 11 Ideally LED screen for mobile use
This flat design requires minimal space and is ideally suited for mobile use. The produced in this case by ACT LED screen consists of composable parts, which can be locked via lateral rotation locking locks each other. The fitting accuracy of housing in die-cast aluminum is just perfect, so there are no gaps, the picture quality is excellent. Of course, in this design, almost any large video walls can be produced.

Also good to use indoors
The LED wall with a fine physical pixel pitch is also suitable for short viewing distances. The LED video poster can be hung from the ceiling or from stage trusses, here no additional substructure is needed. Thus is the perfect LED screen! For example, also ideal for tradefairs!
How big is the LED wall needed to be?
The size of the video wall has a decisive influence on the budget of an event, so it is important to be able to estimate for organizers, what size is the minimum requirement and what format would certainly be oversized. The most important rule of thumb for this purpose refers to the dimensions of the venue. One-tenth of its size is the minimum size for the square meter number of the LED-wall, one-fifth as recommended size - and a dimension by 3.5 leads to the recommended value for the optimal size of the wall.
Therefore measures an area 100x50m = 5'000m2, the diagonal is 112m long. Accordingly, here is the minimum size of the LED wall here 11,2m2, the recommended size 22,4m2 and the optimal size 32m2. In this context, also to be considered are the minimum viewing distance to the wall and the viewing angle. For the former, the pixel spacing of the wall applies, multiplied by 1,000, as a guide. So 10mm pixel pitch mean 10m minimum distance between the first row audience. The greater the horizontal viewing angle of the LED-wall (the vertical, for example, in video cubes, which are viewed from below, important), the more viewers who are positioned front side of the wall, the image can still be seen well. The range for LED walls ranges from about 120 to 160 degrees.
As show the values ​​for the recommended and optimal size, the range is quite large - in doubt you can rely on our advice and our experience!

Vermietung LED

LCD/LED-Screen / Videostand Mobile:

A LCD/LED column is absolutely ideal for use at exhibitions, conferences etc..
It takes up little space and has a maximum on attraction. This free-standing high-tech LCD/LED tower is sure to attract people!

Brilliant image quality from a short viewing distance.
LCD/LED stands are just perfect for portable use, the stands are very slim and can be flexibly positioned.

[Our Rentalbrochure for LCD/LED Video Stand - only available in german]


Size (BxHxT): 28 x 203 x 8 cm
Incl. Bottomplatte (3-cornered:38x38x52cm, 4eckig: 45x45cm)

Info: SL5 Stele

Prices on request.
Infostar 002 Size (BxHxT): 34 x 170 x 4 cm

Info: Infostar Stele

Prices on request.


12m2 LED Truck - Video Mobile LED Wall - Audio- and Live Stream.

mobile truck Size (BxH): 3.84 x 2.88 m / 3.0 x 2.0m
Pixel Pitch: 10mm / 6mm
Brightness: 6500cd/m2
Input: VGA, HDMI, CV, PC included

More Information on Request.

LED- Tickers/Infoscreens:

Werbung Temperatur Many Ledtickers (one- or multilines - different colors
- lenghts), Timesigns, Counter/Countdown, Showroom-
screens for Indoor or Outdoor Application on request available!

16x128 mc im

4120 image

LED- Dancefloor / DJ Boot:

tanzboden 001 Dancefloor

Looking for the right ingredients for a unique party? Then you've come to the right place. You can rent an LED dance floor with the latest technology! We offer 100 pixels LED dance floors, with many different possible colors and patterns. You can choose for our standard or customized programs.
Our LED floors are also used in numerous other events. Think of exhibition booths, product - or company presentations. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Programs: 10 standard, easy to use
Colours: All - possible with 100 LEDs
Logos and designs: in consultation
Material: acrylic and plastic
Size: 1 x 1 m
Weight: 16.5 kg
Height: 3.3cm
Packing: Flight Cases

dj booth
DJ Booth LED

Our luxurious DJ Booth LED has a unique LED panel. This can produce a variety of colors and patterns. Also logos and text are possible.
We guarantee a great experience at your party. Please call us or email us for more information and a price quote.
  • White oval shape
  • Lighted RGB Pixel Panel
  • Logos and texts possible

Possible application:

  • Festivals/Festivalevents
  • Store Openings
  • Wedding, Birthday Celebrations
  • Anniversary Events
  • Campaigns
  • Concerts
  • Trade Fair
  • Sportevents
  • City-/Townevents
  • Open Day
  • Open-Air
  • Promotional Events
  • or...
Are you planning something interesting? We advise you gladly.  contact