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Community information systems - Our LED display systems make it easy for authorities to keep citizens informed, regardless of where they are located. Whether in the city / town center or at the city / town entrance, in market places, in schools, libraries, churches or museums.... With our user-friendly software and the extremely bright displays. let's display of any changes in the policy, events or planned service changes. Our displays are also very good from afar perceive well even in poor weather conditions. You have an automatic brightness adjustment for operation at night or day and a timing for switching on and off.

Here is an extract of Town/City Projects:
What City, Country
City of Balzers Balzers, Princepality of Liechtenstein at 3 Town Entrance's
City of Kirchberg Kirchberg, Austria Town Entrance
City of Kitzbuehel Kitzbuehel, Austria Town Entrance
City of Krumpendorf Krumpendorf, Austria Head Up Display on the Street
City of Ruggell Ruggell, Princepality of Liechtenstein at 2 Town Entrance's
City of Vaduz Vaduz, Princepality of Liechtenstein at 4 Town Entrance's
City of Vienna - Animal Parc Vienna, Austria Front Desk
City of Weisslingen Weisslingen, Switzerland City Muncipial
Grindelwald Grindelwald, Switzerland Sportscentre
Health Town of Bad Kleinkirchheim Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria Town Entrance
Indoor Pool Zumikon, Switzerland Water Level Indicator
Schamser Healthbad Andeer Andeer, Switzerland At the Pool Waterjet's Area
Roundabout Traffic City of Weiz Weiz, Austria Circel Traffic
Road Traffic Office Frauenfeld Frauenfeld, Switzerland LED Ticker Outside
Tourism Organisation St. Michael St. Michael, in Lunggau, Austria Town Entrance

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