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Traffic conditions are subject to constant change and emergencies can occur suddenly. LEDs can deal with these changes in a variety of ways. For example, with lane control displays up to variable traffic news or ads for parking guidance systems. So the roads safer and traffic flow can be maintained.

Variable traffic message waiting indicators form the basis for the road-information exchange. Inform in real time and improve the safety and effective communication. They are very versatile and can be used in many situations. These include overhead displays, lane marking for tunnels and toll booths, or park information. Variable traffic message LED systems for flexible positioning, also be mounted on vehicles or trailers.

Streetname / parking- / traffic indicators make use of extremely bright and energy-saving LED technology, ensuring maximum visibility under all environmental conditions.

Here is an extract of Street/Parking/Traffic Projects::


City, Country


Alpine Energie Klagenfurt, Austria Tunnelentrance
ASFINAG Arlberg Roadtunnel Vorarlberg, Austria Tunnel
Airport Vienna Vienna-Schwechat, Austria Outside Area
CB Curling Bern Bern, Switzerland Entrance Area
Circle Traffice City of Weiz Weiz, Austria Circle Traffic
Digitruck LKW Control System Benelux LKW Entrance
ISS Facility Services AG Zuric, Switzerland Under Ground Parking
Main Train Station Klagenfurt Klagenfurt, Austria Main Train Station
Main Train Station Vienna Vienna, Austria Main Train Station
Carparking Lauterbrunnen Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Parking Area Entrance
Pricedisplay-Pylon Eberl Crailsheim, Germany Petrol Station
Shoppingcenter Tivoli Spreitenbach, Switzerland Garage Truck Entrance
Tollboth Schoenberg Schoenberg in the Valley of Stubai, Austria Tollboth
Würth Group Rorschach, Switzerland Under Ground Parking Entrance

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