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By Application and Function

pr 03LED displays at its best - we manufacture according to your wishes.

We present a variety of LED displays on our product pages, so you can find even without specialist knowledge exactly what you would like to buy or rent. Hardly an LED display is similar to the next. Not only in Europe, are also worldwide LED screens made ​​by ACT in use. But you must not alone find their perfect LED display. We advise you gladly.

ACT can offer you various solutions for each project, both for outdoors and for indoor applications. You then decide, depending on size, number, version, and budget, which led display system meets your requirements perfectly.

Your wish is our challenge. For whenever a customer comes with a challenge to us, we develop systems and applications that meet your requirements, or we are looking for the most out of our experience out for you. Whether straight or circular displays, series products or custom designs, we pay attention to energy efficiency and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of our products or the corresponding standards in each environment. Please note the corresponding standards because under EU law you can just leave such a good price-performance ratio.

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