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Press Information - ACT Anzeige- & Informationstechnik AG

ACT Anzeige- & Informationstechnik AG is a subsidiary company of ACT Anzeige- & Informationstechnik GmbH. ACT is for more than two and a half decades, the specialist for programmable LED displays and LED indicators. Customers who trust us, have the guarantee and assurance, high-quality, long-lasting quality products may be ordered directly from the manufacturer. "LEADING DISPLAY SOLUTUIONS" - We can manufacture according to your wishes!

Three pillars of success

All the high-tech elements for LED indicators are developed directly with us. Customers benefit thus threefold:

1) Competitive pricing
ACT can do without intermediaries thanks to its in-house development and production.

2) Long lifecycle and on-site support
Especially in information media, as there are LED indicators, a more reliable and far easier to service is indispensable. There ACT displays that are over 10 years completely trouble-free, yet it is to know just in case well: Support and help is close to us, which may not be always be the case when supposedly cheap imported products. If the actual manufacturer is not known, an LED indicator will quickly irreparable.

3) Innovation with 25 Years of Expirience
This includes the development, the technical design and the professional and speedy processing for the support. Goes without saying that all products made by ACT the required EU standards.

In each ACT display - from the video wall to simple time display - plugged passion, innovative engineering and our experience as a quality manufacturer who specializes in particular to the development of innovative solutions for LED display technology. Whether for consulting, design, production, or a turnkey installation - trust our experience - we look forward to meeting you!

If you need more information or press releases, you can contact us at any time. We are glad to support you!

Person in charge: Dipl. Ing. FH Guenter Vogt - CEO


Main Location Switzerland:

ACT Anzeige- & Informationstechnik AG
Untere Industrie 10
CH-7304 Maienfeld

Fon: +41-81-511 04 40

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Office Princepality of Liechtenstein:

ACT Anzeige- & Informationstechnik AG
Gaengle 6
FL-9496 Balzers
Princepality of Liechtenstein

Fon: +41-79-909 09 90

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