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Product Conformity - EMC - The requirement of EMC compliant design's of LED displays

Many providers keeps a low on "EMC" or shows "exotic reports" from distant lands which should document that LED screens are there, mostly Asian suppliers, meet European standards.

ACT as one of the leading European manufacturer of LED video walls in various versions and designs, we offer the highest quality quality at reasonable prices, of course, in compliance with relevant EU standards.

Reputable and professional measurements on interference are carried out in Germany by appropriate testing laboratories, registered by the German Accreditation Council DAR. EMC test reports, which are stored in these laboratories under their own test numbers are above reproach, unlike to many "paid reports".

At regular intervals and at appropriate modifications produced by the ACT LED video walls, these standards are therefore tested in a certified laboratory in Germany on the noise emission according to the given EN.

ACT Videoled's not only meet the prescribed standard, most limits are exceeded! This is documented by a corresponding report of measurements, in the specified frequency ranges, for the ACT LED Video MP10 in terms of measurements, in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz, were no complaints both in WHITE and in critical VIDEO MODE.

Compliance with the strict EMC compliance is achieved by ACT at a convenient system design that ACT can supply at fair prices and with the highest quality!