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prismalux 027 SACT provides this elegant Trivisions in sizes from A2 forth to format City Light. In the design of the Prismsigns shine with a fluent elliptical front cover. They feature an integrated lighting. Depending on size, the Prismsigns series Prismalux POP for wall mounting, as a freestanding pylon or as powerful Citylight variant with the side uprights.
We provide one-sided and double-sided versions. You can choose from numerous sizes and variants. The change of image prisms, can be quickly and easily arranged. This Prismsigns are with their forms, the backlighting and the element of movement in the image rotation not only an eye-catcher. A Prismsigns triples their available advertising space.

Many customers use the Prismsigns not only for our own advertising purposes. Any or all three sides are happy to be sold or leased as a desirable advertising space to other companies, which can benefit in significant incremental revenue.

Almost unlimited possibilities and with particularly low cost version we supply the Trivisions even in the basic version, without windscreen and without illumination. In addition, all Prismalux versions with three different prism types are available....Modulating its size according to your needs.

  • Adapt the size to your needs
  • Set your campaigns up in the blink of an eye
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Many possible applications
  • Low environmental impact
  • The large-format specialist

Wallmount   XL Size
prismalux 004 O   prismalux xp 002


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