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Multitouch Skin

Multitouch 001lACT transfers not transformable conductive materials into multi-touch surfaces.

Displax skin is the first large-scale pro- cap multi-touch film. It is in Dual Touch or with 20 independent points of contact in all sizes from 30 " - 100 " available and converts all non-metallic surfaces in Touchscreens. It allows the easy creation of multi-user and collaborative environments, may be where you created the content and shared with others skin Multi-touch is thinner than paper and can also be used on curved surfaces.

  • Conducting materials transformed into multi-touch surfaces - Simple and robust     
  • True multi-touch and multi-user     
  • Through Glass capability allows long durability     
  • Liquids and resistant to UV, no deformation over time     
  • Excellent accuracy and response     
  • Can be used with LCD / LED or projection     
  • Not affected by changing the lighting conditions     
  • Lightweight technology , easy to use almost anywhere in the world with unlimited options of seamless LCD systems...
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DISPLAX Skin Multitouch procap foil Windows8
SkinMT1   SkinMT3
Characteristics   Technical Data
  • Flexible projected capacitive sensor
  • 2 or 20 independent points of contact
  • excellent accuracy
  • Excellent touch response time
  • Operated by a variety of glass thicknesses up to 20mm
  • Works with your finger and glove
  • Sizes from 30 '' to 100 '' , 4: 3 and 16: 9
  • Permanent and removable versions available
  • Plug and Play
  • No SDK necessary
  • Projected Capacitive Technology
  • Sensor thickness: 100 micron transparent polymer
  • Light transmission: 96% ( transparent)
  • Data Connectivity : USB 2.0
  • Touch gestures : Microsoft Windows Touch gestures
  • Operating System: Windows , Mac and Linux; TUIO


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