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Special Applications

Siegesdenkmal Bozen O s

From the design, development and production through to implementation and support of innovative LED display solutions, we are a competent partner and offer our customers and their projects a complete and comprehensive service from the LED to the finished LED display.

Our services include the accurate analysis of customer requirements, the creation of job profile, sound project management during the implementation phase, the on-site installation and thorough training.
For construction projects we undertake, as appropriate, all necessary coordination tasks with internal departments and external companies.

With our turnkey solutions, you will also get you the suitable service package for a long-term, reliable operation. So you updates, maintenance, support, training and quick response in case of failure are guaranteed.

Let there be a light supplied with information. Simply sensational to look at these technological masterpieces for lighting designers, architects and other ideas. Since building transformed into luminous sculptures. All just outside? No why! Even indoors we give the special impression.

Many Ideas like:

  • Flexible Videodisplays - Maxi-Flex
  • Videostair
  • LED-Videobottom with LED-Videoplates
  • Video-Ticker
  • Videoposter

Large displays as:

  • Date - Time
  • Climate data
  • Commissioning
  • Production quantitiy
  • Solar systems
  • Accident-free days

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DUPLA - the transparent LED Poster

Dupla 02   Look out normally from the inside, takes as good away as no light!

From the outside, even on the day impressively light, the ultimate eye-catcher!

While a black image, for example, is shown between the commercials, you can see through from the front!

The posters are available with pixel pitch 2.5, 3.1 and 5mm.

DUPLA 2.5/5.0mm Series: 977 x 1'440 x 51 mm (bxhxt)
DUPLA 3.1mm Series: 817 x 1'227 x 51 mm (bxhxt)

The posters can be operated on a PC with either a standalone controller, or with controller for permanent connection.

Wafer-thin LED strips provide maximum transparency up to 75%.

Dupla Series: 968 x 1.450 x 52 mm (bxhxt)
SMART-DUPLA Series: 320mm hight and you can order your size in any length

Brochure on request.



  DUPLA-A0, the transparent LED poster in A0 format. Ideal inside behind glass, falls extremely, takes no light off!

Smart Dupla-Gallery

  320mm hight and extendable by meter, available with 10 mm, 8 mm and 5 mm pixel pitch. Transparent in the delivery, it does not absorb light and looks extremely elegant, day and night. Subsequent pictures show a 1 meter long SMART DUPLA LED video billboard with 10mm pixel pitch.
Base width is 960mm. The lenght can be multiplied by 960mm.


  Even mighty large, clear LED media facades are possible

For this Gibt's the DUMO series. DUMO stands for Transparent LED modules. Large transparent video screens are assembled from individual handy LED modules of DUMO series. In width and height arise so almost any size, impressive dimensions are feasible. This giant LED glass displays are suitable for hanging out as well as for standing installation.

Subsequent images 5 DUMO - S10 modules mounted one above the other, results in an image area of ​​about 1 x 1.6 m. In this case, as a mobile solution. The transparent video area can so every day are positioned behind another shop window and used mobile at trade fairs.


maxi-flex 10 008 O   Maxi-Flex is available from ACT for maximum flexible video displays. In this indoor display, the display surface is composed of a thin substrate. The flexible LED cards are equipped with SMD LEDs in different pixel pitches.

Maxi-Flex displays are just 12 mm thin, weighing only three kilograms per square meter and can be molded in radii from 250 mm. Due to their low weight, the LED cards are also magnetically reliably fixed.

Thus, the Maxi-Flex system is ideal for creative display solutions with flat surfaces, circular or wavy, we turn you cope! The imagination knows few limits.

Mounting is very easy from: unpack, open or roll up, hang up and fix. After the connection of the video display with the PC, the assembly is completed.

For any transport you to the flexible video display simply fold or roll up again!



videoboden 011   Your guests walk over precipices, dynamic play of color or alien worlds? With the video-bottom plates of the ACT is not a trick, a LED video floor impresses young and old.

Specially designed to be installed as an LED video floor, this innovative LED video floor system is ideal for hip clubs, exhibition stands, event stages or on the dance stage in discos. Companies that want to stand out at the decisive moment from the competition get the LED video floor a spectacular opportunity to set the pace already in the foyer.

The short installation time makes the ACT Video Floor system also for Fair inserts an interesting option. The system consists of individual LED video floor panels, which are connected to each other seamlessly.

The smaller the LED surface, the smaller the pixel pitch should be to generate a correspondingly fine image resolution can. Were the dots of the first generation even 50 mm from each other, a LED video base can now have a pixel pitch of 8 mm, 10 mm or 16 mm, or even smaller, having.

The transparent, and virtually scratch-resistant surface of an LED video floor is highly stable. Even cars on exhibition stands bring this LED video panels not to burst.
videoboden 009   Controlled via DVI, provides the walk-LED video surface is what you see on your PC monitor. Any size is possible. The smallest unit is a single LED video board. The approximately 7 inches thin LED panels already have a power supply on board and can quite simply be moved to disk drive. An installation floor by passing over the wall is possible, which may cause some of the other effects.

Depending on the individual pixel pitch LED tiles have a size of 20 x 20 cm to 60 x 60 cm. An LED may also be segmented video bottom or controlled fragmentation. Now individual surfaces in the floor and on the wall can be jointly operated as a large LED video surface. Text and logos can disappear into nothingness and show up on the next LED video floor segment again, and then later continue on a wall surface. This can be very individually planned, the result is unique!

 tanzboden 004  

UFO - LED Videowall in a Circular Design

LED Videowand in Scheibenform 3  

UFO's landed at ACT: new LED video wall in disc form With 1.5 meters in diameter

This round Ledwall is a huge eye-catcher. With fine 4 mm pixel pitch and black-face SMD 3in1 LEDs this circular video disc is an eye-catcher of the special class.

If the UFO display not suspended , then it can also be detached with pedestal drag the action to be
LED Videowand in Scheibenform 2  

More Power in Business Information

08/15 LCD monitors with mostly bland presentations are plenty available. The effect here is then usually very modest. Quite different acts are possible with the new LED video wall in disc form. Like a UFO suspended "free floating" in space, this ultra-slim huge display is a powerful advertising tool. The fine 4mm pixel grid ensures high image quality even from short viewing distance. Compared to LCD monitors here illuminate the messages about ten times as bright. Not only for the promotion of products is the LED display screen in disc form a hit, it is suitable to make also excellent for sentiment in business. Before Christmas it snows on the video disc and on Easter a Bunnies Bounce the LED screen, the imagination knows no boundaries.

LED Videowand in Scheibenform 1  

Connected lika a LED-Videowall

UFO, the new LED video wall in disc shape can be driven like a classic Ledwall online via a Player PC, MAC mini or industry player. Texts, graphics, videos, anything can be displayed on this fine round Ledwand. Advertising can also be combined with messages in order to increase the benefits for the viewer even further. Runs in the commercials, for example, a real-time news ticker, so the view - residence may be extended accordingly. If this then affects current promotions or product news of own business, this is equal to a double benefit. The possibilities are endless, it is important that people look at the display, and that is what is achieved with the exceptional LED video wall in disc form.

Technisch Daten:
  • Pixel-Pitch: 4mm
  • Resolution: circular with 352x352 Pixel (covered in the corners)
  • LED-Type: SMD 3in1 black-face Leds
  • Brightness: max. 2000cd/m2
  • Power: 800W
  • Average Power in Videomodus: < 250W
  • Connection: DVI (like a Videowall)
  • Dimension's (DxT): 1508x48 mm (Powersupplybox at the back 78mm deep)
  • Remarks: Delivery with Celing or Standing Mount


[UFO Video LED]
(Brochures only available in German)


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