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LED Verkehrsanzeigen LLED Traffic Indicators - ACT-LED Traffic Indicators Can Do More! For more safety in traffic!
Qualität made by ACT.

Our LED traffic displays can display several messages alternately. These can be stored in up to 8 memory locations, which are called via potential-free contacts. If no contact is closed, a desired standard message is displayed, this can of course just be a black picture.

Safety in the factory traffic is just as important as safety at the work site, our LED traffic displays offer twice the benefit!

You can not remember it often enough. Not only to the turn ban, whether subordinate applies or a parking prohibition prevails, also on the safety regulations should always be pointed out. What is closer than to combine these two information and show conspicuously alternating.

On request, several information and symbols can be displayed alternately. So that no habituation effect occurs, different combinations can be stored in 8 memory locations. So you can then, for example, monthly change the additional safety notice in combination with the constant traffic sign.

The LED traffic displays can also display graphics flashing or animated. In general, exercise suddenly increases your attention. If now hints are shown alternately, then you have used this type of ad optimally. If the display is used as a traffic sign, we recommend that every second picture shows the traffic sign. For example, alternating "turn prohibition" / "helmet obligation" / "turn prohibition" / "protective vest" / "turn prohibition" / "work shoes" / "turn prohibition" / "smoking ban in the factory site". If every symbol changes every 1-2 seconds, then in addition to the ban on turning off, you are always reminded of the importance of safety at work.

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