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Time-/Temperature Displays

Uhrzeit-Temperatur-Anzeigen-Nigischer-3 OLED Time-/Temperaturedisplays - Quality made by ACT.

A time and temperature display is an eye-catcher that does not lose its effect!

Even if people wear a clock on your wrist and is available elsewhere, the time to mount outdoor time and temperature displays one looks day in and day out automatically. Displayed temperatures are often a topic of conversation: "The display of the company ...., it had been showing 22 degrees ..."

ACT produces LED time and temperature displays in single and double-sided versions. We supply with or without housing in many character sizes from 80 mm up to 1.8 m currently a readability of up to 900m.

Time displays can combine versatile: with a lightbox for the company logo, as an additional eye-catcher at a gas station price display or with an additional LED marquee.

The ads show alternating on time and temperature. Upon request, the date can also display. Thanks to the GPS receiver, the time is right always second. The change from summer to winter time is automatic. On request, we can equip the ads with DCF held GPS receiver from.

Often it is difficult to optimally attach the standard temperature sensor on a cable. With our optional wireless temperature sensor is more flexible in positioning a lot. The wireless temperature sensor can result in up to 25 meters visibility distance away from the time and Temperatuuranzeige can be mounted in the shade.

We provide the time and temperature displays in all LED colors. The numbers are perfectly readable even in direct sunlight flat. An integrated dimmer controls the brightness of the LEDs according to the ambient brightness in 256 levels and controls in case of need the backlighting of a billboard. Our Time and temperature displays, we can also supply you with a countdown display.
Be fitted the time displays with high quality LEDs from Hewlett Packard (Agilent / Avago) for LED color red or yellow (amber). Used as LED color-pure green, blue or white is desired, then sets at ACT LED time displays on the top quality of Nichia.

Brightness control:

Time / temperature LED signals are equipped with extremely bright LEDs. Even direct sunlight, the legibility flat harm. Of course, these LED displays are equipped with a dimmer, so according to the ambient brightness, the brightness automatically adjusts itself and the values ​​of the RVS standards are not exceeded. This brightness is controlled in 256 steps.

Our affortable Tradeproduct in 12.7cm Lettersize

GL 5inch 20171113 2    ACT GL LED Time/Temperature Display S5-3-r

* Time-/Temperatur (Water/Air) LED-Display
* Outdoor – Sunlight proved LED Diodes, DCF- Reciver
* Single Sided
* Lines: 1, Digit: 4
* Lettersize: 5"
* LED Color: rot
* Displaysize: aprox. 44x16x5cm (bxhxt)
* RF Remote Controller
* 4 digit Format
* 100,000+ hour rated
* Multiple stroke digits for the ultimate brightness in daylight viewing
* 8 levels of automatic brightness control
* Automatic daylight savings adjustments
* Display Duration: 3-seconds to 9-seconds
* Time displays in 12 and/or 24 hour format
* Temperature displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius
* Date displays in mm/dd format
* LED Viewing Angle: 100°
* LED Colors Available: Red - 625nm Yellow - 592nm Green - 525nm
* Operating Voltage: 120/240 Volts AC
* Cabinet Color: Black
* UV Resistant Protective PC material Face
* Wight: 1.5kg
* Warrenty: 1 Jahr
* Packing: aprox. 63*34*23cm / aprox. 11kg

Special-Price: CHF 795.00 exkl. VAT



Important Parameter for our ACT Time-/Temperaturproducts

  • One-/doppelsided
  • Fitted Model or All included Projects
  • Character Height 8, 12, 15, 20, 26, 31, 40, 60, 80 and 100cm
  • Equipped with high quality LEDs from Hewlett Packard
  • Automatical Brigthness control
  • LED-Color red, yellow, pure-green, blue or white
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Interfaces: Cable or radio

[Time-/Temperature Display]
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