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Produktionsanzeige001lLED Production Advertising - More than just information display's! Quality made by ACT.

ED production indicators that inform employees about production targets and actual production, motivate and lead to significantly increased productivity!

The production processes often differ considerably depending on the industry. This also vary the requirements for LED production ads from case to case.

All LED displays are custom-made production

ACT produces industrial ads to your exact requirements: any number of lines, any number of digits fields combined with scrolling text fields, with areas where the time is displayed - the possibilities are endless. No LED display industry alike. Each LED output indicator is a Maßarbeit.Neben the programmable LED arrays are the LED productionview of us inscribed by means of high-performance film in any desired shape. Also, in addition backlit advertising fields on LED Industrial displays are of course possible.

Do you want automated programming via a third-party software possibilities, please contact us with the relevant protocol information to control the LED display. We also deliver your LED display industry with an individual software. On the PC, the screen will then be displayed. The programming can therefore be easily and rapidly.

We produce this type of display for indoor installation or operation outside. All font sizes are possible. A perfect legibility of the LED display production during the day and night is guaranteed.

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