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SolaranzeigeLED Solar Display's - More than just information display's! Quality made by ACT.

A wide range of types of digital displays offers for each application the optimal solution to customer specification.

Made solar energy visible - Digital displays for photovoltaic installations

With future-oriented technology you invest in renewable energy. But how does the public becomes aware of your commitment to the environment if the photovoltaic system wich is not visible on the roof?

With ACT digital displays make the solar system and its performance visible - in the foyer in the entrance hall or public appeal outdoors, and you have the power of your solar system at a glance.

For photovoltaic systems in public buildings or commercial solar systems, the visualization of the performance is already useful purpose and ecological benefits of the investment to be transparent, and the presentation of avoided CO2 levels provides valuable educational work.

Innovative technology

An intuitive software allows simple and fast parameterization of the display.

For all photovoltaic system's

ACT digital displays are suitable for any photovoltaic system and can also be subsequently connected to existing systems.

The following couplings The following options are available:

  • Pulses of an electric meter (S0 interface )
  • Serial interface of the inverter or data logger (RS232 or RS485)
  • Ethernet interface ( RJ45)

The main parameter's

  • Stylish aluminum housing integrated power supply unit
  • Character height depending on the equipment package
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • LED color white as standard, other colors on request. Super bright LEDs in SMD technology Individual graphic designs

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