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Church Song Display's

Kirchenlieder OLED Church Song Display - For every Church the right Solution.

For all song display any letter and words can be displayed.
Brightness can separately adjusted.
All displays are available for surface or flush mounting.
Likewise, all information can be delivered through a electrically wall swivel holder or by motor or on a tripod.
By default, a surge protector is integrated in all song displays.

All displays can be driven both by radio and by cable.

Possible Connection:

  • Keyboard
  • Software for PC or Tablett
  • Android App

LCD Version:

lcd mehrfachanzeigen small

Easy operation with integrated, clear and illuminated plain text display. Any number of displays is possible.
Over a large memory capacity it can easily store all the services and be easily accessed. This has a significant relief of each operator to follow.

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