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Customized Displays

led richtungspfeil O lCustom LED display systems - Because everything can be brilliant and especially visualize of energy efficient LED!
Quality made by ACT.

Our LED function display are the specialists among the LED displays. Functional displays had been designed by us for a specific task area and the tasks assigned to fulfill it perfectly and reliably.

ACT displays are developed for highly specialized applications. But in certain areas we have built over the years a special competence. Our customers appreciate the reliability that sets ACT in the quality, functionality, and price - performance ratio with LED function displays, especially with our special advertisements.

The potential applications for LED price displays are almost limitless!

Sports Display
Soccer, swimming, motor sports and table tennis - as idividual as the sport is, so are the displays we can offer you. Visit our Product page Sportdisplay or let yourself be inspired by our realized sports display projects.

Price Display
To price changes electronically perform simply and quickly, is no longer a luxury but a necessity, since the prices are now already changed several times a day. Visit our Product page Pricedisplay or be inspired by our price display projects.

Time and temperature Display
A time and temperature display is an inexpensive eye-catcher, which does not lose its effect! Visit our Product page time-/temperature display or be inspired by our time-/temperature display projects.

Security Display
ACT Safety Displays improve employees' awareness of safety precautions and adherence to safety procedures in the workplace. Visit our Product page security display oder be inspired by our security display projects.

Production Display
To inform staff about production targets and the actual production, motivates and gives a significant boost production! Visit our Product page for production display or be inspired by our production display projects.

Speed Display
Wherever speed is measured, the speed can be displayed with LED displays of ACT. Visit our Product page for speed display or be inspired by our speed display projects.

Directional Signage Display
If traffic or other processes need to be controlled, the control systems of ACT are used. The applications are diverse and not limited to a motor vehicle or off-road. Visit our Product page for control systems or be inspired by our control systems projects.

ACT Videostand SL5

LED-Saeule Very elegant LED-Tower!

The LED columns developed by ACT are the absolute eye-catcher. With the elegant look to score the Led columns and harmonize in any environment. They are slim just over 2m high and 28cm. For transactions up completely new possibilities for positioning an eye-catching advertising arise so. Here today - gone tomorrow, the LED columns can be changed quickly and easily, they weigh only 12.5kg. If the floor is not straight, this is not a problem with the adjustable base plate.

Stylish greeting via LED columns

Hotels and convention centers may welcome, information on upcoming events and take advantage of the LED indicators as a control system with this special video guest columns. Car dealers welcome customers to the service appointment or indicate current offers. When new special model LED columns are also well positioned as an informative "eye catcher". Programmed schedule on the right information to be shown for the time automatically. Since a high-quality industrial controller is integrated, is a constant connection to a PC is not required

The Led Video pillars require little space, so they own also excellent in the background of shop windows, the possibilities are endless.

State of the art will be advertised in all colors, which does not mean of course that always all colors must be mixed each other. New Information in a new color attract attention immediately.

On the full-color LED panel texts, images and videos to 16.7 million colors can be displayed. The slightly curved front and back looks exclusive and high quality. The unusual shape of the LED video columns attracts attention like a magnet.


[SL-5 Tower]

(Brochures and Video only available in german)

Video LED Stand Promotions Video

SL5 Gallery


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