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raiffeisenturm O sYou are looking for a line-oriented LED display or after a LED text display or a marquee in modern LED technology? Then you have to ACT to the right place. We produce one-and multi-line tickers for indoor and outdoor use.

Line Orientet LED-Displays –
the TEBE / PROLINE PROFESSIONAL model series at a glance

Grafik Laufschriften Serie 4

Special Design

ACT produces not only standard models. You get your LED display in a housing with powder coating in any desired RAL color. The production of curved forms or of tickers that run around corners and angles, is not a problem for ACT. We also build state models and fit an LED text displays on request in a foreign body.

A popular special form of the marquee is the vertical LED column. A special mention deserve the graphics capability, line-oriented LED displays. These are LED displays, which also can display graphics and simple animations of the characters out. Example, you need not a full video display, want on their marquee nevertheless present their animated logo?

Single-line displays of the TEBE series

Oper Frankfurt 62lfm Ledanzeigen auf der Buehne   Single-line outdoor LED displays of ACT are excellent, the text information of any kind concise, moves and date display. We provide displays of TEBE series in many font sizes 30-800 mm. The length of the scrolling text is limited only by their imagination and the available space.

The tickers of TEBE series are a Windows software easy to use. Our sturdy, double-walled aluminum profile housings are completely weatherproof. The displays are perfectly readable even in direct sunlight. An optional dimmer controls the brightness according to ambient brightness in 256 levels. Via an additional temperature sensor is your LED marquee to a full temperature reading.

[Data sheet Serie TEBE]    

Are you planning something similar? We advise you gladly.

Multi-line displays of the PROLINE SERIES

Salzburger Festspiele mehrzeilige LED Untertiteldisplays   With the series Proline for indoor and Proline Ultra for outdoor use, we can create anything you can imagine in terms of running text.

We supply many font sizes 30-800 mm. The number of rows is open at the top. Without additional cost, instead of the Western European characters in the Central European character set or a Cyrillic character set. Country-specific special characters are then also represented.

With the time management function to determine in advance what content will be displayed when. Of course, you can interrupt the schedule at any time and push the latest news instantly.

[Data sheet Serie Proline]
[Data sheet Serie Proline Ultra]

Are you planning something similar? We advise you gladly.

Commercial-Products - LED Tickers

In addition to proven ACT TEBE and PROLINE products and solutions for the digital Signage Segment, we ad a number of commercial products that our range.
We have also many tickers as commodity articles in the entry level segment! Please let us know your wishes! We look forward to your inquiry.


mml10m abc
Picture simular

A ready-to-run moving message medium. The device is easy to use and features 1 colour (red). Memory for up to 26 page text or 16 page graphic + 10 page text messages. Each page max. 210 characters (or 6500 characters in total).


  • non-flickering
  • 3 fonts
  • 32K memory
  • 4 pre-programmed graphic symbols (motor, arrow, down and left)
  • insert time and date into your message
  • 12/24h format
  • 26 European characters
  • over 15 ways of selecting the leading and closing effect
  • display effect: normal or blinking
  • 4 scrolling speeds
  • brightness control: set by software (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
  • memory: max. 6500 characters and 16 pages of graphics
  • display information: text, symbols and graphics
  • 3 different songs can be added randomly in a message
  • automatic activation or deactivation of display possible
  • multiple messages can be displayed in a predefined sequence
  • both the current date and time can be displayed in your message
  • designed for indoor use only
  • device can be wall-mounted, hung from the ceiling or freestanding
  • easy programming via remote control (incl.) or via PC with RS-232/USB connection (software incl.)
Technical Data:
  • digits: 7 x 80 dots (5 mm)
  • pixel pitch: 7.62 mm
  • viewing angle: 160°
  • viewing distance: 40 m
  • display time: 0.5 to 13 secs
  • operating temp.: -5°C to +50°C
  • operating humidity: 20% to 90%
  • power supply:
    • message board: 100-240VAC ~ 12VDC/2.5A (adapter incl.)
    • remote control: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (incl.)
  • consumption: max. 30 W
  • dimensions: 700 x 100 x 45 mm
  • viewable area: 610 x 55 mm
  • weight: 1.6 kg
  • system requirements: Windows® 10 - 8 - 8.1 - 7 - Vista - XP - (32 & 64 bit)
  • not compatible with: Apple Macintosh® / Linux
  • Spare Remote Control
  • Car-Adapter 230 VAC -> 13.8 VDC



mml16mc application

A ready marquee. The LED ticker ( RGB ) is easy to use ( there is a color combination of 10 colors is possible when using a colored background ). Memory for up to 26 pages of text or graphics pages 16 + 10 pages of text.


  • Display color ( text pages and graphic pages): red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, white
  • Brightness: very bright white (2100 cd / m² ), 4 levels of brightness
  • Memory: 26 pages of text with 210 characters and 16 graphic pages
  • RTC: Real time clock with built-in backup battery 12/24 format
  • Summer: Built-in buzzer with adjustable
  • duration control: via remote control ( 44 keys )  or PC cable (supplied ), USB to 3.5mm jack
  • Scope of delivery: IR remote control, User manual, 2 brackets, power supply
Technical Data:
  • Resolution: 7 x 80 points P6 RGB LEDs
  • Pixel: 6mm
  • Viewing angle: 120°
  • Viewing distance: 6-25 m
  • LEDs: 3 - in - 1 RGB
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +45 ° C
  • Humidity: 20-90 %
  • Power supply: ticker = 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz to 5 VDC 4 A ( power supply included); Standard 2.5mm jack and remote control = 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries LR6C (supplied)
  • Power consumption: max. 20 W, an average of 5 W
  • Dimensions: 502 x 65 x 17 mm
  • visible part: 42 x 480 mm
  • Weight: 500 g System Requirements: Windows® 8 - 8.1 - 7 - Vista - XP - ( 32 & 64 bit) not compatible with Apple Macintosh / Linux
  • Spare Remote Control

Are you planning something similar? We advise you gladly.

MiniMax Serie


ACT MiniMax 01

Led POS Displays 7

Led POS Displays 8

ACT MiniMax Serie O

MiniMax-NG, NG stands for Next Generation: modern and up to date

The new generation of Led POS displays is now in full color instead of color. These LED indicators are fitted with modern SMD 3in1 LEDs in black-faced appearance. The tinted in this way front looks classy and makes for a scary good contrast. Not only texts and graphics can now be displayed conspicuously and animated. The fine 3.0mm pixel pitch fonts and graphics look sharp on these LED displays.

Brings plenty, costs (almost) nothing

This is precisely what the name MiniMax. Minimum costs with maximum benefit. One or more of these displays in the shop or in the shop window is positioned automatically ensure revenue growth. Moving Advertising and bright fall colors on !. Due to its compact size this Led POS displays can always be quickly repositioned.

Led POS displays also ideal in the store window

The small LED POS displays are also perfect for positioning in the store window. The brightness is enormous, the LED indicators remain legible even in bright sunlight. There are 16 levels of brightness. Depending on the intensity of street lighting can be as the ideal brightness for night operation can be set. From an arbitrary time, the brightness of the LED display is then regulated down automatically.

LED POS displays simply stand or hang

A stand is already integrated in this full color LED tickers. The tilt can be adjusted freely. Alternatively, the LED display mounted to the mounting device supplied also to the wall.

At certain times the correct information

The new Led POS displays in the series MiniMax have extensive schedule functions. Up to 200 programs can be shown at the right time controlled time and on certain days. The general on and off times can be set.

Promote new actions immediately noticeable

These LED POS displays can be programmed quickly new texts and make interesting commercials. The included software is to operate in the German language and simple. About the simulation window this software already shows directly to the program before it gets sent to the LED display. The POS display Led features a USB interface.

Affordabel Led POS displays - ACT MiniMax Series.

MiniMax-NG, which is the new product range, which stands for low-cost Led POS displays in modern LED technology

Technical data MiniMax:

MiniMax 64x32
  • Modell: MiniMax-NG3/64×32-UBS
  • Displaytyp: Led POS Display
  • Resolution: 64x32 Pixel
  • Display Area: 192x96 mm
  • LED´s: black-faced SMD 3in1
  • LED-Chip-Anzahl gesamt: 6.144
  • Very Small 3 mm Pixel Pitch
  • Fullcolor with 8 color's (withe, black, red, blue, green, yellow, turquoises, violett)
  • Interesting possibility's for Displaying Text, Grafic's, Animation's
  • Time Schedule, to start different Programm's on the correct Time at defined Day's
  • Case color: black
  • WIN7/8/10 Software, USB-Connection
  • Case size (BxHxT): 218x118x33 mm
  • Case hight with Stand: according to Angle about 140mm
  • Powerconsumtion: 25W
  • Wight incl. Stand/Mounting: 693g

  • USB-OTG Interface (for USB-Stick Data)
  • KOMBI-1 WIFI+USB-OTG (Combination WIFI-Plug and USB-OTG Interface)
  • KOMBI-2 WIFI+USB-OTG+LS (Combi WIFI-Plug, USB-OTG Interface, Lightsensor)
All Minimax Model
Model Size
Pixelwith (mm) Resolution
LED's SMD3in1
MiniMax NG3-64x32-USB 22 x 12 x 3 * 3 64 x 32  
MiniMax NG3-128x32-USB 42 x 12 x 3 * 3 128 x 32  
MiniMax NG3-192x32-USB 61 x 14 x 3 * 3 192 x 32  
MiniMax NG3-320x32-USB 100 x 14 x 3 3 320 x 32  
MiniMax NG4-192x32-USB 81 x 17 x 5 4 192 x 32  
MiniMax NG4-256x32-USB 107 x 17 x 5 4 256 x 32  
MiniMax NG5-96x32-USB 52 x 20 x 3 * 5 96 x 32  
MiniMax NG5-128x32-USB 70 x 22 x 5 5 128 x 32  
MiniMax NG5-192x32-USB 102 x 22 x 5 5 192 x 32  
MiniMax NG5-192x64-USB 102 x 38 x 5 5 192 x 64  
MiniMax NG6-64x16-USB 42 x 12 x 3 * 6 64 x 16  
MiniMax NG6-96x16-USB 61 x 12 x 3 * 6 96 x 16  
MiniMax NG6-192x32-USB 100 x 12 x 5 6 160 x 16  
MiniMax NG6-192x64-USB 100 x 23 x 5 6 160 x 32  
MiniMax NG7-128x16-USB 100 x 16 x 5 7,62 128 x 16  
MiniMax NG7-160x16-USB 120 x 16 x 5 7,62 160 x 16  
MiniMax NG10-96x16-USB 102 x 22 x 5 10 96 x 16  
MiniMax NG10-128x16-USB 132 x 22 x 5 10 128 x 16  
MiniMax NG10-160x16-USB 164 x 22 x 5 10 160 x 16  
MiniMax NG10-96x32-USB 100 x 36 x 5 10 96 x 32  
MiniMax NG10-128x32-USB 132 x 36 x 5 10 128 x 32  
MiniMax NG10-160x32-USB 164 x 36 x 5 10 160 x 32  
MiniMax NG10-128x48-USB 132 x 54 x 5 10 128 x 48  
* Changeable standing Plate and Mounting Edge included

MiniMax Video





Our Projects for LED Tickers

[Projects single Line Display]
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