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intersport wohlleben O sYou are looking for a LED video display, video wall, video wall, video poster, video marquee or a large display?
As numerous as the names of the distinctive possibilities are according to technical specifications, application areas or designs.

During the construction of video displays ACT draws on a rich trove of different LEDs, pixels cards with different pixel pitches, housing designs and software solutions. Many of the components that come with an LED screen for use are in-house developments of ACT, we produce ourselves!

You can choose from a number of pre-series and types. In our wide portfolio can be found for every application and budget the right model.

LEDVideowall in HD resolution for indoor use

The time has come, the technique plays with. In high-definition range 1.58 mm pixel pitch for indoor LED display screen is now possible.

Where quality and not the budget is crucial, ACT can with this extremely narrow pixel pitch score immediately.
From 1.3 meter viewing distance a sensationally good picture is achieved here already.
This allows new application possibilities for indoor LED video wall in the small screen area to approximately 140 inches.
Also unusual special formats where the viewers are just ahead of the display area can be realized immediately.

Exclusive features for this indoor LED video wall

The features correspond to the requirements of clients for a high-end indoor LED video wall like this. The best of the best is good enough. ACT realized this top model with new 61 x 34 centimeters small aluminum Druckgußgehäusen. This corresponds exactly to the 16: 9 video format. These enclosures are at ACT now available for high-end applications with extremely small pixel pitch of 1.58 mm, 1.9 mm and 2.54 mm. An indoor LED video wall with this fine grid is very exquisite.


Here then is one not the screen size but exorbitantly high image quality of the shortest viewing distances. This video wall is completely serviceable from the front and can therefore be installed close to the rear wall. Subsequent maintenance access or foldaway constructions you can save yourself that way.


Videowand im Flagship Store O

LED Wuerfel 6

Videoposter RP10 - 96x96 with Frontservice


The term video poster is for a format and for the new application opportunities that result from it.
The poster is a classic of outdoor advertising. In the print version, but the poster has a few distinctive handicaps. From conception to Affichieren it is a long way. Depends on the poster again, no changes are possible.

LED video displays are getting slimmer and high resolution. Since the idea of ​​pushing for formally bringing to the video poster timeliness and movement in the outdoor advertising. LED video posters are available even for the popular DIN A1 format.

Psychology of perception are moving images a much stronger stimulus than static images. If a print poster once registered, then it is mentally checked off. Why invest a second look?

Ex. Model LE-GO / F10v-96x96-RGBs

Pixel pitch physically: 10mm
Resolution / Image size: 96 x 96 pixels (Full Matrix) / 960 x 960 mm
LEDs: 1 red, 1 pure green and blue high-quality LED per pixel in the highest selection
Led Total number: 27,648 Leds
Colour Support: 16.7 million colors (full color)
Video Capability: yes - AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, MOV files can be displayed
Play flash Files: yes - SWF and FLV files can be displayed
Graphics capable: yes - BMP, JPG, GIF, WMF, ICO files, a variety of publication types selectable
Screen-Splitting: yes - the display area can be divided into any number of sub-areas
Display of time and date: yes - different time and date formats displayed
Countdown indicator: yes - end date and end time adjustable countdown in days, hours, minutes and seconds.
Simulation on the PC monitor: yes - completely or in partial steps, may in the SW 1:1 shown on the PC monitor
Multi-schedule functions:

yes - your commercials can be sent to the display and then automatically at the right time on the display to be without the display is permanently connected to a PC .. there are several spots currently or overlap time-wise, be these one after the other shown at the right time. The schedules can be continuously amended and supplemented. The on and off times of the display can be adjusted.
Font size (s):

Many different font sizes, font types and widths, depending on the size of the display, represented (WIN-fonts) 26 various appearance variations (running texts up / down fall, go together, diverge, from left / right / up / down Coming ....)
Brightness approx.: 7,000 cd / m², sunlight viewable, autom. Brightness control via schedule, optionally via light sensor
Viewing angle LED: 140° horizontal, 60° vertical
Control electronics: the main controller built into the display. Display need not be permanently connected to the PC.
Memory Capacity: 500 MB
Interface: Network interface (CAT5 cable) and USB OTG interface
Housing: Weatherproof, frameless aluminum case (frameless-style), front IP65, special design for front maintenance means 320x320mm large pixel maps in latest design which are removed individually from the front panel via a rotary locking mechanism, thermostat-controlled high-performance fans, M10 threaded holes in the required position for simple and quick installation on your substructure
Power supply: 230VAC
Dimensions (WxHxD) approx.:                                                960 x 960 x 175 mm (display area corresponding to the housing dimensions (W x H))
Included:     Display incl WIN software and software brightness control.

Project Prices on request.

Videowall Gallery


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