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pr 01LED displays at its best - we manufacture according to your wishes.

You know LED displays, classic chases, text-based tickers and LED video screens? The LED display technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Programmierbare LED display boards can more: ACT designed for over a quarter century as one of the leading European manufacturers of these developments.

The LED ticker learned to represent graphics, animations and video content. Today we speak of video tickers and video posters. Video Walls and other LED displays such as classical, text-based tickers and monochrome to full-color LED video walls are not only more rigid, two-dimensional LED display boards. LED display technology from ACT may be circular, wavy, straight and bent or have enveloping forms.

The creative imagination of LED advertising today are almost no bounds. LED video displays that are flexible and thin as a sheet or walk-in LED tiles are available with LED display technology from ACT.

We present a variety of LED displays on our product pages, so you can find even without specialist knowledge exactly what you would like to buy or rent. Hardly an LED display is similar to the next. Not only in Europe, are also worldwide LED screens made ​​by ACT in use. But you must not alone find their perfect LED display. We advise you gladly.

ACT can offer you different solutions for each project, both for outdoor as well as indoor applications. Is equipped your LED video wall with DIP LEDs, SMD 3in1 or Super3 LEDs . Mostly THT LEDs ( DIP ) are used for the classic LED display as the LED moving message, the LED industry display or an LED gas station prices. You then decide, depending on the size, number, version and Budget, which LED display system meets your needs perfectly.

Best quality, best advice, fast communication and innovative solutions are among our strengths.

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