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Sportanzeige Fahrbahr lLED Sportsdisplays - Quality made by ACT.

LED sports scoreboards bring fun and information into play: No sport in which today is not the score, the elapsed time, the cracked length or other decisive facts are presented to the audience visually.

The principle of sport electronic markers is simple, the options variable. To view the goals scored enough in football a numeric display for each team. A match clock for the playing time and is probably one of the minimum requirements.

With an additional marquee also text information about Torschützern, player changes, etc. can be communicated. With a video display results in more opportunities for commercials, live images or repetition of events. Each sport has its own display requirements.

Each sportsdiszipline has its own needs and its budget. With ACT, there are sports scoreboards to measure.

ACT provides standardized scoreboards for many sports displays and is also the solution for the most unusual needs. ACT offers from a simple scoreboard up to stadium-videowall all possibilitys.

Range of Sportdisplay's

Sportanzeigen 01

Linebased Resultdisplay's - Modellseries

Fussballanzeige 001
Fussballanzeige 002


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