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Functional Displays

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Everything from one source - Our LED function indicators are the specialists among the LED displays. Functional ads are designed by us for a specific role and the tasks assigned to their need wich they meet perfectly and reliably.

ACT developed displays for highly specialized applications. However, in certain areas we have built over the years a special competence. Our customers appreciate the reliability, wich ACT is setting and performing in quality, functionality, and price-performance ratio, according to LED function displays.

As a successful specialist display solutions we offer a wide range of customized products and applications.

Some Possibility's like Time- and Temperaturedisplay or Videotower...

Our Projectgallery...

Videotower SL5

LED-Videosauele Symbole HP O l   Elegant LED-Tower
July 2014

The LED columns developed by ACT are an absolute eye-catcher. With the elegant look to score the Led columns and harmonize in any environment. They are slim just over 2m high and 28cm. For transactions up completely new possibilities for positioning an eye-catching advertising arise so. Here today - gone tomorrow, the LED columns can be changed quickly and simply, they weight is only 12.5 kg. If the floor is not straight, this is not a problem because of a adjustable base plate.


Stylish greeting via LED columns

Hotels and convention centers may welcome, information on upcoming events and use the LED indicators as a control system with this special video columns guests tower system. Car dealers welcome customers to the service appointment or indicate current offers. When new special model LED columns are also well positioned as an informative "eye catcher". Programming schedule for information to be shown at the right time automatically. Since a high-quality industrial controller is integrated, is a constant connection to a PC is not required

The Led Video pillars require little space, so they own also excellent in the background of shop windows, the possibilities are endless.

State of the art is advertised in all colors, which does not mean of course that always all colors must be mixed each other. New Information in a new color attract attention immediately.

On the full color LED surface texts, pictures and videos to 16.7 million colors can be displayed. The slightly curved front and back looks exclusive and high quality. The unusual shape of the LED video columns attracts attention like a magnet.

[Prospekt-Information - only available in german]

Videotower Promotion Video

Time- and Temperature Display

Led-Anzeige-Zeit-Lufttemperatur-Wassertemperatur-1 O l   Watertemperatur-Display in the Swimming-Pool-Area
30 May 2014

ACT now offer the popular time-temperature LED displays also available with an optional second sensor connected. Ideal as water temperature display in the swimming pool, a special service for guests in outdoor pools, pool facilities in hotels or for visitors to the beach...

ACT installed just in may 2014 this Display Type in the famous Schoenbrunn Palace Park. Link to Projectdescription with Pictures.

The air and water temperature display in the swimming pool also with time and date

The multifunctional water temperature display shows alternately the time, the air temperature and the water temperature, if desired also the date. These LEDs have additional LED dots, which light up next to the symbol for air and water. For each one is visible, whether it relates to the indicated temperature or to the air or the water temperature.

Large selection

The Displays are manufactured in modern LED-Technology wich are available in 8, 12, 15, 20, 26, 31, 40, 60, 80 or 100 cm large Numbers. The most popular Systems are in the hight of 15 or 31cm. The LED-Display are build with double walled Aluminium-Profile perfect for outside Applications.

The water temperature display in the swimming pool are produced on one-  or both side viewable. Also, three-sided or four-sided versions are available.

The water temperature indicator in the pool receives over radio frequency the current temperature data

Anything else would be very impractical, since usually the pools was there first, and only then it has been desired for a water temperature display in the swimming pool. Placing cables is then no longer possible with a reasonable effort. ACT therefore relies on radio frequency. The transmitter should be mounted in a maximum of 80 meters viewing distance, measured in the swimming pool temperature values ​​are sparked at regular intervals to the LED display. A second temperature sensor supplies the LED display with the details of the current air temperature. If the time is displayed, it should be exactly constitutes seconds. This is the task of the third receiver which receives the current time via satellite.
Time / Airtemperature / Watertemperature, that ist the interested of people in the swimming pool area.

Even in bright sunshine to the swimmers can read the data perfectly. Therefore, ACT uses the brightest LEDs available on the market for the water temperature indicator in pool area. So the sun can also seem quite flat on the LED display, it does not matter the time and temperature is always easy to read. For swimming pools, which are in operation even after dark, the LED display can also be equipped with a fourth sensor, it is then responsible for the brightness control.

All Colors are possible

Both the LED color and the body color can be chosen. In the standard version, the LED display is produced in black-gray powder-coated aluminum housing with red or yellow LEDs. However, the water temperature indicator in the swimming pool can also get green, blue or white LEDs and the housings are manufactured in any desired RAL color.

Also available with ticker for the latest news

Here, the data transfer can also be done via radio frequency. Striking and yet sober as can be advertised for the buffet or for other sports facilities in the bath area.

The Company „AnyCompany" wishes a nice day in the bath area ...

So or similar odr with a sponsor logo can fix applied in a Advertise look on the LED display. Since visitors always look back on the water temperature gauge in the swimming pool, it is also a particularly interesting advertising space!

On request, the LED display is therefore also produces larger housing. Above or below then there is space for advertising a sponsor on the water temperature gauge in the swimming pool area.

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