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LCD-Systeme-Inside Applications

pr 02ACT develops and implements dynamic digital signage systems for buildings, for stationary passenger information at stations and stops or for many different application possibility's.
Thanks to our experience, we are able, to provide a suitable, turnkey solution for almost every application. We would like to suit your needs
get to know in the field of modern sales approach and also show you our possibility's.

A Picture say's more than one word. Whether at events, fairs, Showroom's or museums, in a shopping mall, at point of sale, or in the TV studio – Our video solutions can be used individually according to your need's. Strong products for strong performances!

  • Display Technology - Installation, operation, maintenance, hosting
  • Large screen projection systems
  • Splitscreensystems
  • Indoor-Walls
  • Indoor-Systems
  • Studio and mobile control technic
Almost unlimited possibilities with frameless LCD systems...

Videowall curved    Videowall shaped
Gerundet   Samsung Unregelmaessig
Create a wide and vivid visual experience. Take advantage of the ability to combine up to 250 large format screens to an impressive video wall. Enjoy the individual control of audio-visual effects, frame by frame for maximum impact.   Enjoy you by turning each screen to match the desired visual impression or swivel absolute freedom and make a precisely fits your needs, flexible video wall. The software offers functionality to video walls from different model types, screen sizes, resolution, and strength of the front frame in any combination to put together. This allows you to amazing shapes and innovative installations according to your ideas.

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ACT-LCD Indoor Displays

ACT LCD Infostar Indoor Displays
  ACT Infostar 21/4
Infostar 002   The ACT Infostar Displays are the best choice for every buisiness.

The basic model InfoStar 21/4 consists of a 22" (16:9) TFT LCD with Full HD resolution and 4 brochure compartments. The InfoStar 21/4 Touch is offered with an interactive touch screen and an integrated i3 computer.
  • Trade Fair
  • Showroom
  • At the POS
  • Information- and Welcome Information
  • At the Waiting Area
  • At Exhibitions
  • At the Foyer
  • and many more possibility's...

[Prospekt Infostar Stelen]

(only available in german)


ACT LCD IconeOne Indoor Displays
ACT IconeOne

ACT Indoor display for public applications are suitable for tough enviroments and are capable for 24/7 applications.

  • large variety of display sizes available (from 46″ to 80″)
  • longer lifespans and lower power consumption with LED backligh
  • brightness up to 2000 NITSoutdoor units with patented electronically
  • tested most common content management systems
  • customized casing designs available

[Brochure Indoor-Outdoor Displays]

(only available in german)



ACT LCD SwedX Indoor Displays

SwedX 002
Digital Signage helps companies to increase sales, to strengthen their brands and optimize their information. The displays available offers, advertising, consulting and entertainment with greater impact than traditional signage can. ACT SWEDX offers various Digital Signage - screens. The Digital - Signage - screens for optimal performance and functionality, all of the embedded - to electronics designed the look.

SwedX Kiosk 42 sw SwedX Kiosk 42 ws SwedX Kiosk 50 sw SwedX Kiosk 50 ws SwedX Kiosk 58 sw SwedX Kiosk 58 ws

SwedX Kiosk 58 World Smalest


  • Ultra HD 4K-Screen
  • Glossy White
  • Environement friendly Material (MDF)
  • 3,7 cm thin
  • Smart-HDMI
ACT SWEDX Kiosk 58 " display is ideal for various types of advertising / displaying information. The design possibilities are endless thanks to support both images and videos. The thin design reflects the elegance of SWEDX blade. The Ultra HD screen optimum viewing of contents guaranteed.

ACT iTerminal - Digital Signage in 65"
ACT iTerminal
iPhone iTerminal O   With the ACT iTerminal your information and presentations will stir reproduced exciting, even in bright environments. Videos, animations or image / text combinations awaken on the ACT iTerminal to life.
In contrast to conventional terminals, the technique occurs with ACT iTerminal completely in the background - the focus is the design. The purist iPhone design blends seamlessly into any room concept.
Dimensions: 2050x935x480mm (hxwxd)

[Brochure iPhone Terminal]

(only available in german)

ACT smart Signage

ACT smart Signage in 85"
  Stunning UHD (4K) pictures on incredible 85"
Samsung QM85D

  The views of customers sharpen with the UHD Smart Signage Display QM85D.

Advertising is most successful wich can appear to a close and lifelike product reach. This allows Samsung with the new UHD Smart Signage Display QM85D, the Digital Advertising in the ultra high resolution of 3,840 represents x 2,160 pixels. On a screen size of 85 inches, the viewer recognizes stung every little detail sharp and receives an exceptionally realistic impression, which is indistinguishable from the original product any more.

Customized Digital Signage solutions for different places and occasions:
  • Advertising and deals directly at the point of sale (retail and chain stores)
  • as an info screen or for real-time travel information at airports and train stations
  • as an interactive whiteboard in conference and training rooms
  • as a guidance system at trade shows and in public buildings
  • for video installations in lobbies and on Events and concerts
  • for demanding interior design in hotels, restaurants and bars
  • to bridge waiting times at bus stops, in cash or doctor's practices
smartsignagetv   You want to spread good mood in your business and may have already thought of hanging egg television to entertain the customers. But a conventional TV set is not designed for the large demands that the all-day use in business. And he also does not offer the advantage to use television shows as opportunity. You need a TV that just as hard as she works - and a double-layer drive , by maintaining the customers and promoting your products and services . The new signage SMART TV has been designed from the ground up for smart companies who entertain their customers and want to promote their business through advertising.


Bars And Restaurants
  • Offer your guests Entertainment
  • Present the offers of the day
  • Sell ​​courts with hhrer profit margin
  • Promote the sale of desserts and drinks
  • Inform your patients about new services     
  • Entertain your patients     
  • Provide aftercare products     
  • Promote social media campaigns
Retail and clothing shops
  • PrPresent new incoming goods has come     
  • Inform you about special offers and sales    
  • Promote Your Website for accessories with a high profit margin     
  • Promote social media campaigns
Fitness and hairdressing salons
  • Entertain your customers     
  • Promote Your Website for new services     
  • Sell ​​hair products with a higher profit margin     
  • Do you offer discounts for referrals to


(Brochures only available in German)


ACT Smart Signage TV Gallery


Digital door signs - People Management & Information - ACT-InfoPanel...

  ACT-InfoPanel - Wireless Radio Displays
WizePanel   With the ACT InfoPanel - the electronic signs - you can edit in the future, the display on your signage from your PC - either manually or automatically with text and graphics. You spare your guests and visitors laborious search of goals and you time-consuming updating of signs

Possible Application:
  • office doors
  • meeting rooms
  • health service
  • Education
  • car dealerships
  • Commercial usage
Open Possibilitys:
  • completely wireless
  • Longtime Battery
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Individual design and expandability
  • Cost reduction in building management
  • Inform Punktgenau
  • Individual mounting options
  InfoPanel are in different sizes available. Just ask for your project!
    produkte wizepanel 97
   produkte wp6 asymetrisch
     WizePanel 6 Classic kl

LCD ACT-InfoPanel Gallery


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