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Special Applications

From the design, development and production through to implementation and support of innovative LED display solutions, we are a competent partner and offer our customers and their projects a complete and comprehensive service from the LED to the finished LED display.



Our services include the accurate analysis of customer requirements, the creation of job profile, sound project management during the implementation phase, the on-site installation and thorough training. For construction projects we undertake, as appropriate, all necessary coordination tasks with internal departments and external companies.

With our turnkey solutions, you will also get you the suitable service package for a long-term, reliable operation. So you updates, maintenance, support, training and quick response in case of failure are guaranteed.

Let there be a light supplied with information. Simply sensational to look at these technological masterpieces for lighting designers, architects and other ideas. Since building transformed into luminous sculptures. All just outside? No why! Even indoors we give the special impression.

Many Ideas like:

  • Pharmacy Crosses
  • Flexible Videodisplays - Maxi-Flex
  • Videostair
  • LED-Videobottom with LED-Videoplates
  • Shop Logo LED
  • Video-Ticker
  • Videoposter

Large displays as:

  • Date - Time
  • Climate data
  • Commissioning
  • Production quantitiy
  • Solar systems
  • Accident-free days


Pharmacy Crosses


maxi-flex 10 008 O


In addition to universal products in digital information technology that can be used to create advertising for almost any industry, we offer our customers solutions for specific companies. These are the highest quality LED pharmacy crosses. Its characteristic shape means that anyone looking for a pharmacy can see the sign from a distance and find it easily.

As an integrator of modern visual advertising systems, we can offer our customers extremely wide configuration options for pharmacy crosses. They are usually controlled via the internet connection with a special remote control, which means that the structure does not have to be removed in order to change the display settings.

Depending on customer requirements, we offer a variety of options, including various functions such as adjusting the display brightness (automatic or manual) or setting certain messages for specific hours and days of the week.









Shop Logo LED


The high-quality, flexible, individual logo advertising directly on your business building!

Using the latest digital LED technology, you can display any information or logo and any additional design elements as information on this LED display.

For an additional charge, we create the information to be displayed and assemble the display on your building ready for operation. So that means: ready for you to connect. Order, hang up, connect to electricity, DONE!








Flexible LED O


The flexible LED modules are made of soft materials for PCB and rubber.

They are extremely soft, in all sizes and shapes can be designed for creative installations.

They have a compact modular design, are very thin, have magnetic connections and can transmit images in high quality. They are easy to attach everywhere and are often used in shopping centers, hotels, club rooms etc.





videoboden 011


LED dance floors are the absolute trend. The fields of the dance floor can be controlled individually. All 16.5 million colors of the RGB color mixing system are available for this. The resilience is extremely high.

The LED panels can be used for walls, floors and ceilings. The illuminated LED surface is ideal for table dance platforms, eye-catching entrances, hallways, dance floors and much more. The imagination knows no limits. It can be controlled standalone with built-in programs via music or automatic, or integrated directly into your existing program.






videoboden 011


Transparent displays are part of the customer-specific LED series of the ACT transparent LED screen products.
The strip length can be adjusted according to the structure of the glass wall.

Applications can be customized in the construction of glass facades, shop windows, etc.

Semi-transparent displays thus allow a view of the other side. They are also ideal for effectively dividing a room.

In this way, these LED displays become living walls that change their structure again and again and cast a spell over the viewer. They always allow a view of the other side and thus create a completely new feeling of space.




Special Application Gallery

  • ACT Solaranzeige

    ACT Solaranzeige

  • ACT COB RegalLED

    ACT COB RegalLED

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    ACT Apothekerkreuz

  • ACT Designmöglichkeit LED Kacheln

    ACT Designmöglichkeit LED Kacheln

  • ACT Designbeispiel LED

    ACT Designbeispiel LED

  • ACT Designbeispiel gerundete Ausführung

    ACT Designbeispiel gerundete Ausführung

  • ACT Produktionssanzeige

    ACT Produktionssanzeige

  • ACT Transparent Serie

    ACT Transparent Serie

  • ACT Transparent Serie

    ACT Transparent Serie

  • ACT Transparent Serie

    ACT Transparent Serie


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