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Time-, Air- & Watertemperature

Led-Anzeige-Zeit-Lufttemperatur-Wassertemperatur-1 O l05-2014 - Time-, Air- & Watertemperature on the LED-Display at the Schoenbrunnerbath.

Already in 1838 the Schoenbrunnerbath was mentioned. A bath with imperial flair, and most recently a new LED display to alternate display of the current time and the air and water temperature. These LED displays can additionally display the date on request.

Easily visible from anywhere.
Almost from the whole bathroom everyone has viewable access to the tower, on which the large time / air and water temperature LED display panel is positioned. Large 400mm high digits ensure readability from up to 200m. Top visability from anywhere.

Double temperature sensor to measure air and water temperature.
The water temperature is transmitted by radio from a special sensor from 80m to the Led display. The temperature sensor for measuring the air temperature is positioned at 2m distance from the LED display. The built-in GPS receiver receives the time via satellite, the LED display shows always the exact time.