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Petrol Station Price Take24

Take24 400x400Zuzwil - In Cooperation with Project Partner "Petro Handels Gmbh" we supplyed for Take24 in Winterthur a new LED Pricedisplay with 3 sorts and backlighted Logo!
The new prices pylon at the gas station of the Take24 Group will certainly stand out from afar and animated due to the always attractive prices to tank stop.

Production, Delivery, Installation and GoLive: 09/2018
Adress: Zuercherstrasse 62, 6804 Winterthur, Switzerland
Order: Pricedisplay with modern LED-Numbers
Execution: Doublesided
Number of Fuel products: 3
Digit higth: 200mm last digit smaler
Backligthed Logo in LED-Technic
Connection: Transmitter Keyboard
Size (BxHxT): 90x195x18cm

Prices at the gas station display can be changed very simply and quickly via remote control interface. When digit height 200 mm was required to allow motorists already 100 m Coming read the reasonable prices and decide in time for refueling. This ad will stand out safely by day and night.

Prices pylon was mounted by our project partner

The price display was mounted by our Project Partner Petro Handels GmbH. Thus, the assembly was able to walk across the stage on schedule, of ACT supplied CAD drawings in advance.

The double-sided prices pylon for Take24 in Winterthur went into operation in September 2018.


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