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Petrol Station LED Terretaz Zernez

Terretaz 400x400swZernez / GR - A very nice gas station price display replaced the existing old advertisement for our customer the Terretaz AG in Graubuenden.

Production, Delivery, Installation and GoLive: 10/2016
Adress: 7530 Zernez
Order: Pricesign-LED in a modern Design as a exchange for the old Sign
Execution: Doublesided
Number of Fuel products: 3
LDigit higth: 200mm last digit smaler
Backligthed Logo in LED-Technic
Connection: Radio Control

Size (BxHxT): 130x185x18cm
LED-Color: Red
Number of LED-Diodes: 1944


Out of old... now new!
20160330 110325 CH IMG 4658 CH
Petrol stations LED price tags from ACT continue with very good market successes in Switzerland!

The readability and easy operation have been convincing. References of LED price tags, which have been in use for more than 10 years, are also a powerful argument.
As the height of the digit, one has chosen 200 mm as in the other station, the last digit is set up with a height of 140 mm.

LED price tags are custom-made

Above and below available luminescence. ACT produces new LED price tags to the millimeter exactly and aligned to the requirements of the customer. The assembly points and cable exits were discussed with the customer before production. A drawing with all important details has been created and the LED price display is then produced exactly after release. This allowed the assembly to be carried out quickly and easily on site.

Range of varieties also backlit with LED

The backlighting of the varieties has also been carried out using modern LED technology. Energy-efficient and durable, LED price labels from ACT are both. The name for diesel can be exchanged in the winter months with a Diesel Alpin label.

Manufacture in any size and execution

140 mm and 200 mm digits are the "bestseller", often with a smaller end number. Outside the local area, with very long insight, LED price tags with 260 mm high digits are sometimes required. For petrol stations in the border area variants with alternating prices are available in two currencies.

The operation can be carried out via a radio keyboard or via PC software. A connection to the pump controller via RS232 / 422 or Bluetooth is also possible. Various protocols are supported, for example Tokheim, Dresser / Wayne, Kubalt, NOPN, TOREX ... Also our in-house protocol has been integrated into many POS systems. For example, ACT price displays can also be controlled via Autopoll. Completely mobile solutions are also available, for example, the price changeover to LED price tags can also take place via SMS.



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