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Umbrail Petrolstation in Graubuenden

Tankstelle Umbrail OSt. Maria Muenstervalley GR - Our Partner, Caflisch Service AG installed the Petrol Station Price Sign for the Umbrail Garage.

Production, Supply, Installation and GoLive: 03 to 06-2017
Adress: 7536 St. Maria GR, Switzerland
Order: Petrolstation-Price Sign with backlightet petrol products
Execution: doublesided
Number of Fuel products: 3
LED-Digit hight: 200mm, last number with 140mm
Readable: up to 100m
LED-Color: rot
Special: Remote control via radio, mounting device for fixing to an existing pol
Casesize (BxHxT): 900x1950x180mm


Nice in design and good in readability

The gas station price display panel was delivered in Ecostop design. With a height of 200 mm, readability is possible up to 100 m. This LED digit height is popular in the local area, the price display has correspondingly compact dimensions and is nevertheless widely visible. The extremely bright red light-emitting diodes of the quality manufacturer Agilent/Avago are also very well readable in direct sunlight. A fine dimming in 256 brightness levels is achieved by an integrated sensor. From dawn, the backlighting of the sort field will automatically switch on. The backlighting of the advertising field also took place in energy-saving LED technology.

Service station price display panel (s) from ACT is available in many versions

Numerical heights of 140 mm, 200 m, 260 mm and 310 mm are available as standard, special sizes can also be realized. The local area is usually 140 mm or 200 mm. The LED color can be selected, red, yellow, green or white are recommended, blue is discouraged, since blue LED digits are always blurred. RS232, network, WIFI, DECT radio, Bluetooth or pump interfaces for various manufacturers are available as interface. The operation can be carried out via a wireless keyboard, via computer, automatically via the pump interface, remotely via SMS or network. Optionally, the service station price display panel is also available with advertising areas above or below, with time / temperature LEDs or with integrated LED scrolls.

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