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Petrolstation-Pricedisplay Bichler

preisanzeige-tankstelle 2 O l07-2013 - Petrolstation-Pricedisplay for Petrolstation Bichler.

As the gas station Bichler was supported by a BP petrol station to a free gas station, of course, a new filling station prices was necessary. As usual today in modern LED technology. ACT as a manufacturer and as one of the leading European producers were contacted and soon it was agreed. Red High-Quality AlInGaP II LED Hewlett Packard (Agilent) make the filling station price display absolute sunlight readable. An automatic brightness control in 256 steps via the built-in sensor ensures that less ambient light no one is blinded. The dimmer automatically activated at the same time, the backlighting of the denomination and the advertising field from dusk. The update of gas station price display via an infrared keyboard. Was fixed the LED display an existing mast, the corresponding fixture was included. Thus, the new filling station prices could be quickly and easily installed directly by the staff of the filling station.

Several daily price change is now necessary to convert the prices electronically. This is quick and easy, petrol-price displays in LED technology are also maintenance-free and operate highly reliable.


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