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Pricedisplay-Pylon Eberl

Preisanzeige-pylon O l03-2014 - Pricedisplay-Pylon for the Petrol Station at the Eberl Hypermarket.

The price display pylon at the gas station of Eberl group is a eyecatcher already from far and animates because of the always attractive prices of the tank stop.

Wireless keyboard for the price display pylon.

The prices at the gas station display can be changed very simply and quickly via a wireless keyboard. With the Keyboard in credit card size this also works from 100m viewing distance! As a digit height 200 mm was desired to allow motorists already 100m far away coming to read the low prices and choose their time for refueling. The amber LED digits harmonize with the yellow color of the companie Eberl group. Day and night these prices pylon is an eyecatcher.