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Soccer Score Board FC Trun/Rabius

Edecom 4601 l12-2014 ACT provides in spring 2015 a football score board to our partner Edecom Computer SA for the CB Trun / Rabius.

The joy of the CB Trun / Rabius will be great - finally a modern football scoreboard, clearly visible to all fans!

On behalf of the Edecom Computer SA a scoreboard is ordered from ACT in december 2014, installed in the spring of 2015 at the soccer field of the CB Trun / Rabius. Shown is the score and in the middle of the match clock. For the red LEDs the brightest AlInGaP LEDs Avago II will be used. Even flat sunlight readability harm. As is played not only in good weather, the display has an integrated light sensor. This is mounted behind the shock-resistant disc and adjusts the brightness according to the ambient brightness.

The time can be displayed on the scoreboard

Now playing no match can be shown on the scoreboard and the current time. Especially before the game and during training this is a popular viewer. The sports scoreboard is served very simply with a little keyboard, smaller than a credit card. This works perfectly from up to 150 meters distance from the scoreboard. For safety's sake ACT provides always the same two keyboards together with the scoreboard, should have been postponed one once the battery be empty, or ... is the replacement always "ready to go".

The scoreboard is supplied with mounting brackets which will be mounted effectively by our partner. Above the scoreboard, the big logo of the sponsor is visable.

Scoreboard available in various character sizes

ACT produces Scoreboards the smart play series in different versions. For football fields digits 310 mm high and 400 mm are very popular. If the score display is mounted closer to the audience, often comes 260 mm are used. For handball and hockey usually 200 mm or 260 mm is ordered. As LED color is red or yellow (amber, amber) popular, but also green or white numerals colors are available and also very easy to read in sunlight. The score can be displayed one or two digits, the season two or four digits. The scoreboard can be provided with another LED moving message also to show that team's formation, scorers and advertising in addition to. The possibilities are endless, As a producer can ACT fullfill the individual needs of the club's and thus provide the optimal scoreboard!