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Scoreboard for FC Vaduz

FC Haag  
ACT delivered in September 2015 and September 2017 two identical LED Scoreboards to the Football Club of Vaduz. The display is installed on the side pitch/training pitch at the main light poles and shows in addition to the results also the current time.

Production, Supply, Installation and commissioning: 09-2015, 09-2017
Adress: FL-9490 Vaduz
Order: LED-Soccerscoreboard Modell SPF-1-4-1
Digithight Soccerboard: 26 cm
Casesize Soccerboard: 245 x 65 x 9 cm

The LED display offers a football match clock in minutes and seconds as well as a single-digit score. The LEDs will remain readable even in bright sunlight. The regulation of the brightness is carried out in 256 steps. The FC Vaduz operates the LED football display via radio control board.

Scoreboard available in different character sizes

ACT produces Scoreboards of the Smart-Play series in different versions. For football fields character heights of 310mm and 400mm are very popular. When the scoreboard is mounted closer to the audience, often comes also 260mm are used. For handball and hockey usually 200 or 260mm is ordered. As LED color is red or yellow (amber, amber) popular, but also green or white numbers colors are possible and also very easy to read in sunlight. The score can be displayed one or two digits, the playing time two or four digits. The scoreboard can be provided with a further LED marquee also be able to display so team's formation, goal scorers and advertising in addition to. The possibilities are endless, ACT can be considered as a manufacturer and producer the individual needs of the society, thus providing the optimal Scoreboard!

 IMG 4431
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