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Hotel Viennart LED-Indoor Display

infomaster grafik O08-2005 - LED-Indoor-Towerdisplay of Infomaster Series, installed in the Hotelhall.

One of the most popular LED display models of ACT developed the series Info Master. Besides the attractive design to impress, particularly the diverse applications.

The Info Master was built in different variants. The Info Master with LED text display posessed an integrated backlit logo box and could CONSTITUTE up to 99 page Schedules. The display set eight lines of 20 characters dar. The font color of the customer could choose between red, green, blue and multicolored versions. ACT offeres the info master in a total of 15 different specifications.

Graphics-capable Info Master had a resolution of 112 by 128 pixels with 4.76 mm pixel pitch. The LED displays allowed the display of bitmap graphics. The supplied Windows software ensured ease of use.