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Trofana Tenne LED-Ticker

trofana tenne O11-2010 - LED-Advertising Ticker at Ischgl, Trofana Tenne.

Adress: A-6561 Ischgl
Order: Full-color, programmable LED advertising screen, 2 meters wide SMD LED Outdoor Leds

Something special for the Trofana Tenne.

For the Trofana Tenne in Ischgl there should be not a "normal" ticker, it should already stand out a little from the usual Led ads. These were the views expressed at the beginning and ACT wishes fulfilled this with an LED advertising application of the latest generation.

The LED advertising writing can be quickly and easily programmed.

This is important, this as new events are announced. The included software is of course in German language. Although the LED advertising writing about enormous amount of functions available, the operation is very simple. Also a wide variety of advertising texts can be already stored in the LED advertising writing, to then be automatically displayed on the right day at the right time. The Trofana Tenne is the starting point for all those who want to have fun off the slopes in Ischgl, here you can jauntily into partying until the wee hours. The Trofana Tenn is the latest hot spot in the center of Ischgl.