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Intersport Advertising LED Wohlleben

intersport wohlleben O11-2011 - Intersport LED-Advertising Wall of ACT-MP10 Series.

The billboard is directly integrated on the outer facade of the Intersport Wohlleben store in Doerfles-Esbach. Even in direct sunlight remains the perfect video wall thanks to their luminous intensity readable. Pass-end motorists and customers in the parking lot are so informed about the latest offers always up to date on the big LED billboard.

Automated information on the LED billboard:

The LED advertising board is controlled via a third-party software, the commercials are provided by a third-party company available and automated on the video wall displays. Since the billboard as a large PC monitor works, this is easily done accordingly. The PC is connected to the network and can therefore be operated from a distance. Every time so the commercials can be changed and contents are updated. When it comes to LATEST outdoor advertising, there is nothing more suitable than an LED billboard, only here can be big, flashy, and especially in direct sunlight be advertised.