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ACT LED at Klagenfurt Train Station

Fahrplan-Anzeigetafel-4 O l12-2014 High - resolution SMD video wall installed as a roadmap billboard in Klagenfurt Central Station.

Due to the age of the old plant timetable display panel, spare parts have been no longer available and the interference frequency and duration of failure to ensure the availability was no longer possible.

The Austrian Federal Railways decided to call for a new principal display panel using the latest LED technology. Business Partner Kapsch BusinessComAG won this tender with a high-end SMD Indoor Video wall of the house of ACT.

Production, supply, installation and commissioning: 12/2014
Type: SMD indoor video wall used as a roadmap Bezel
Address: A- 9020 Klagenfurt, ÖBB Hauptbahnhof Klagefurt
Physical Pixel Pitch: 3 mm
Resolution: 1,280 x 576 pixels
Image size : 3,840 x 1,728 mm
Remarks: 2.21 million LED chips on these high-end video wall for a razor sharp image

The latest technology and sophisticated design

As requested, the existing housing for the new timetable display panel has been retained. Requirement was a complete front access. In order to perfect image quality a partial folding upwards variant was excluded in this small pixel spacing of only 3mm. For easy service from the front, a new case design was necessary, which came into this world way for the first time for this project in Klagenfurt is used. ÖBB train employees and customers are thrilled by the breathtaking picture quality thanks to the tightest pixel pitch and black-faced SMD LEDs.

Supplied digital timetable display board in time

On December 9, the old scoreboard was disassembled professionally, this will serve as a source of spare parts for an identical display in Tirol. The next day, beginning at 8 clock with the installation of the new timetable display panel and shortly after 14 clock LED video wall was the first time in operation. This was an absolute record time. This was followed by the link to the ÖBB - system and the test run until the next day.
On December 11, the enrollment was made, then the new principal display panel was on time before the timetable change officially handed over and put into operation.

Better readability and more customer information

The new electronic schedule display panel now supports the new ÖBB corporate design. The enormous advantage for rail customers is to significantly improve readability and much more detailed information on each train.

Produced and installed for the new Central Station Vienna ACT this year a mighty big timetable display panel

There, the video wall is huge: 21 meters long and just under 2.1 meters high. The 44 m² large main display panel is positioned in Vienna as a central element conspicuous in the main hall. This project was realized in cooperation with business partners Kapsch , the transfer took place in October of this year. More info and pictures on this schedule Scoreboard see Project Report Vienna Central Station.

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