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ASFINAG Arlbergtunnel LED-Display

asfinag arlbergtunnel 001 O11-2006 - LED-Display for Tunnel Information System.

ASFINAG uses the 23 LED display boards in the Arlberg tunnel to provide information to motorists. The display panels are driven by on binary-coded inputs. The case is made in an absolutely weatherproof special version. The stainless steel case has been powder coated in the color RAL7021. The housing was designed fronseitig hinged to ease up any maintenance work on the LED display boards in the tunnel.

Highly visible flashing on the LED display, hazard and lateral lights.

This can not be overlooked. When triggered, both the hazards and the lights flash. The flashing rhythm of the LED display was synchronized with the traffic lights. Whether sun or not, the LED display is of course always completely visible.