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Digi Truck LED-Controlsystem

lkw-leitsystem O12-2013 - Truck-Controlsystem at Digi-Truck.

"Digi-Truck" informed incoming and waiting truck driver.

At the parking lot in front of the entrance gate, the large LED information panel is installed and informs which truck enters next and what loading ramp he has to visit. The brightness of the LEDs used here is enormous. The full luminosity needed only in direct sunlight. An integrated light sensor constantly measures the ambient brightness and automatically regulates the actual luminosity. The installed as a truck control system outdoor display works completely automatically. ACT took care of in the course of delivery of Truck LED control system and the integration of control over the existing software. Project management is carried out through a distributor. Below is the exact second the current time, the identification and loading ramp.

With 200mm high digits, the time is indicative of a DCF receiver powers the LED display constantly with the current time on the atomic clock in Frankfurt. ACT produces visual truck control systems in different design variants.