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Replacement of 4 display's in Vaduz

Ablösung 4 LED Anzeigen Gemeinde Vaduz  

06-2015 Vaduz - the main city in liechtenstein invests in 4 new LED-Display's!

Installed in 2009, LED display type Galaxy 20mm with 48x144 pixels, were out of date by the display quality and will be replaced by 4 new RP10 Videboard's in autumn 2015.

4 LED video board at the town entrances beside the road

The existing pillar structure will continue to be used. Instead the 20mm led's, four new video walls of the popular ACT Videoled RP10S series will be installed. For this project, more than 330'000 light-emitting diodes will be processed.

Enormously effective advertising Outdoor advertising in LED current resolution quality

With a maximum brightness of 7500 cd / m² LED video board is completely sunlight readable. In practice, this luminosity is not required up to 100%, 30% less is usually sufficient completely, what then also reduces gross consumption by one-third. Since LEDs lose brightness over time, may be years later readjusted because upward leeway exists to achieve the initial optimal perceived luminosity again. The actual brightness of the LED display board is controlled automatically via a light sensor. Photo sensors measure the ambient brightness and then pass the data to the controller of the LED video wall on. Through the software, the maximum and minimum brightness value can be set. In this range then the luminosity regulates the LED video board automatically.

Cloud based software for controlling the video walls

With VIDERO - leading digital signage software for more than a decade, it is no possible with the cloud-based software platform to create interactive content and control, thus creating impressive presentations. VIDERO combined live content with audio and video. VIDERO controls this Oudoor experience in real time. With sophisticated features VIDERO makes this new appearance to the way it should be: dynamic, interactive and up to date!

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