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Information LED-Ticker Placid Hotel

placid hotel lLED Informationticker for the Hotel-Entrance of the Placid Hotels & Buckhuser Restaurant in Zueric Altstetten.

A LED Informationticker Order for ACT: In cooperation with our project partner, Habegger AG in Zueric Regensdorf, as well as for the building owner, Diakonie Bethanien, we produced a special LED information Ticker for the entrance area of ​​the newly constructed building. 

Supply: 10-2016
Product: Digital LED Informationticker
Order: Fullcolored Video LED-Display in segmented cases
LED: RPi10-SMD(3in1)-160/160/2464x16/AS
Physical Resolution: 2464x16
Display Size: 24640mm x 160mm = 3,94m2
LED-Diodes: Black-faced Leds in highest Quality and Selection

The advertisements were produced in lengths of approx. 1920x200x80mm cut into the space, in black matte lacquered aluminum cases with 8cm depth. The front-mounted pixel cards are also available from the front. The modules could be aligned without a gap. The connection is via CAT5.

A splendid viewing ticker

From the front, the LED Informationsticker is executed around the input area. This is a total of 39'424 pixels, through which the current information passes. The pixel cards were equipped with black-faced 3in1 SMD Leds. With an ixel distance of 10mm pixels a desired and interesting image quality was achieved. Over 118'272 LEDs provide the information to light up. 16.7 million colors, identical to the PC monitor, are available.

Special - Integrated into the room

The complete LED Informationsticker was built on the wall construction. The result is a very elegant design.

DVI control

The LED Informationsticker receives the data online via a player PC. This in turn is part of the house network.

Installation took place during the construction phase

In October 2016, the LED ticker was put into operation by our project partner, Habegger AG.

LED Ticker Video



LED Ticker Gallery


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