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LCD Infoscreen Lifehelp Balzers

lebenshilfe O lDigital Signage takes over also in the Building of Lifehelp BalzersThe nursing home Schlossgarten provides nursing care in the care home - safe and well cared for. At a quiet location, away from traffic, yet centrally in the town of Balzers, in the Princepality of Liechtenstein, for the population is offered a loving home for elderly and dependent people. Integrated in the care center is also the family help - Spitex the municipality.

Installation: 02-2016
Adress: FL-9496 Balzers/Princepality of Liechtenstein
Order: 3 LCD-Informationscreen, for all 3 Floors
LCD Size: 140cm - 55"
Diamensions: 123x70x5cm (bxhxt)
Resolution: 1920x1080
Displayformat: 1080p Full HD
Aspect Ration: 16:9
Connectivity: Wifi

The 3 large interactive LCD screens draw the attention of the audience and the residents with professional digital Information systems, with a possible use around the clock, with the latest information or interesting artwork on themselves.

lebenshilfe O E

Given its exceptional durability and performance digital series DMD information systems are the ideal solution for businesses and organizations, their integration depends on a continuous operation. By applying Samsung's proven technology to the audience rich content, which are provided to the digital information systems in outstanding quality available, they may be offered in an attractive form and information at any time well. With a highly visible and superior brightness of 450 nits, a digital information system DMD Series attracts the attention of the audience in all environments indoors on itself.

Information displays are easy to use

The series DMD digital information system is equipped with a wireless module that enables easy transmission, reproduction and the distribution and scheduling of the content of the digital information system without physical connection. One need no longer tedious struggle with cables and connectors. About a mobile app control and functions for content sharing that content can be provided and manage virtually anywhere using a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, PCs and tablets. Enjoy maximum flexibility. Content can even configure wireless using the WLAN module and are provided on all digital information systems. This feature is ideal for locations where a wiring can be carried out only with difficulty.

ACT realized information displays for all environments

Depending on the application and requirements, digital information systems are used in a targeted manner. With our Infoscreens you realize a highly attractive presentation of your products, services or other information. The information can either manually and remotely via the web browser or automatically about yourself constantly updated data import access the system. In both cases, the information according to your corporate identity and optional animations are immaculately processed by the system.

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