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Outdoor LED Swimming Pool

Schwimmbad Thurfeld DSC02404 O l05-2015 - Two-line LED display for the cooperative of the Swimming pool in Thurfeld.

Supply: 05-2015
Digital Infoscreen for Outdoor Aera
Order: Multiline LED-Infoscreen for the Installation at the Entrance
Modell PLU60/2/20 with Netzworking Connector via RS232 Converter
Lettersize: 60 mm, can be read from up to 30 m
Number of Lines: 2
Numer of Signs: 20

The swimming pool was refurbished and installed with attractions

The swimming pool is the first Outdoor pool in Switzerland with an installed Canonball Rocket Attraction of Wiegand-Maelzer company. Based on a Bavarian invention, a catapult was installed, hurling the user up to 7 meters in a diving pool.
Like a cannonball, the brave rider is shot from a starter place of a water jet.



In addition, an LED information display, positioned at the pool entrance

That can not be overlooked. The LED is installed right at the pool entrance and informs the user of the air / water temperature, the current time and date, as well as the lunch menu at the kiosk, or the current actions. The display is equipped with a light sensor, a temperature sensor and an automatic GPS Reciver, which synchronizes the time via satellite seconds exactly fitted.

Schwimmbad Thurfeld DSC02408 O