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Market Ticker University St. Gallen

uni stgallen lLED ticker for the trading room of the University of St. Gallen.

LED ticker order - ACT produced a special LED ticker for the University of St. Gallen

Delivery: 08-2015
Product: Digital LED ticker
Order: Horizontal LED display for displaying Trade Figures
LED: RPi5-SMD(3in1)-SL/TMP/160/160/1952x32/AS
Physical Resolution: 1952x32
Display Size: 8880mmx160mm=1,42m2
LED Diodes: Black -faced Leds of the highest quality and selection

The Institute for Operations Research and Computational Finance (ior / cf-HSG) teaches at all academic levels. The university is researching in the field of implementation of price processes and develops software for risk management.

Round, long and up to date

From the front of the LED ticker is running with a radius of 2m semicircle. These are in sum 1'952 pixels in length, the figures of company trades are running through displaying the current prices. The pixel maps are equiped with black-faced 3in1 SMD LEDs. A small pixel pitch of just 5 mm pixels displaying a excellent image quality. About 170,000 LEDs bring the courses to shine. 16.7 million colors, the same as a PC monitor, are available. The LED ticker is maintainable from the front.

Specially - Integrated into the ceiling panel

The complete LED ticker was installed in a ceiling substructure. Thus, you can only see the LEDs from the ceiling panel. This is a very elegant design. DVI-driving The LED ticker gets the data online via a PC player. This in turn is part of the home network.

Installation was carried out during summer break

In August 2015 when the students of the University of St. Gallen where in the summer holidays, the LED ticker was installed in collaboration with the internal IT of the University and the Home Electrican.

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