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ATV Irdning Videoscreen

napetschnig 006 O04-2012 - Videoscreen in Irdning at the local Soccer Club, installed for ATV Irdning.

Information and advertising, two in one go.
At the soccer field of the ATV Irdning installed, run across the video screen current game hints and commercials. Advertisers can book on the LED video wall different advertising packages in combination with the football club ATV Irdning. An optimal dual function. So easy and fast to instructions on the video screen will be displayed and at the same time still important revenue is involved. In times like these is an additional source of revenue for each club an advantage.
Video screen is perfectly readable, even in direct sunlight.
The location directly after the roundabout at the sports ground is of course very good. It is also important the reliability of the system and good readability. As can be seen in the pictures well, seems often directly and flat the sunlight on the video screen. No problem, the extremely bright and well-selected LEDs create the play. The club is delighted that this is not, of course, the client knows only too well. A few years before that installed there Ledscreen had his problems since.