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Video-Screen Airport Munich

Schmale-Led-Videoscreens-2 O04-2014 - Sixt Video-Screen Airport Munich.

Production: 4/2014
Installation: 2m tall columns to the left of each counter
Address: Sixt Store Munich Airport, Germany
Order: slim LED video screens, 2m high. The columns should be able to be operated as large LED video wall separately and together.
Pixel pitch: 5mm physically
Resolution physical: as 1 screen without spacing between columns 544 x 384 pixels
Physically resolution of 14 pixels between the columns (demo mode on ACT test run): 768 x 384 pixels
Resolution physically each individual LED Column: 32 x 384 px

Slim LED video screens than 17-fold eye catcher at the Sixt counters at the Munich Airport

An elegant and innovative form of visual communication. This LED video columns are not to be overlooked. Especially the unusual format draws attention to itself, narrow LED video screens are not ordinary!

High-end solution with only 5mm physical pixel pitch and black-faced SMD 3in1 LEDs

The "Sixt" columns were fitted with black-faced SMD 3in1 LEDs, an excellent contrast and good image quality due to a pixel spacing of only 5mm could be achieved. The individual columns have a resolution of 32 x 384 pixels, respectively. They can be operated individually or together as a large LED video wall. 16.7 million colors can be simultaneously visible on desired. Whether text, images or video files to all forms of representation are suitable narrow LED video screens.

Slim LED video screens can be recorded by Sixt headquarters and locally

The headquarters of Sixt has the ability to control all video and columns to load new content. If several small LED video screens operated as a joint Led Video Wall, then the distances between the LED columns can be considered to ensure that the content is not "jump" from one column to the next but invisible yet run with distance above the. This of course also very nice effects in the joint record for several LED video stelae can be achieved.

Commissioning in April 2014

ACT provides as planned just before Easter from the video display along with the controllers. The installation and configuration is done until the end of April at Munich Airport. Then they are next to each Sixt desk as narrow video screens made by ACT in a luminous use.