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led-videosauele vier hp O11-2013 - Mobile LED-Stand for Tradefair.

Detached high-tech LED tower draws attention to itself - impressed the elegant design!

The fine pixel pitch of only physically 5 mm ensures a brilliant image quality from short viewing distance. Two meters is just ideal for use at trade shows, the LED column is 28cm slim and can be flexibly positioned. Two of the LED columns were equipped with the 4-squared-off bottom plate, this is ideal if the column is detached positioned. The other two displays received our triangular base plate, perfect for positioning before the show backplane.

Large pictures can be "pushed" from right to left across the entire screen of the LED column, Logo's on flash, texts indicate actions ... the possibilities are endless. The multimedia terminals can be programmed using the software included with anyone quickly and easily.

[Brochure ACT Videowall SL5 - Information (only available in german)]