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Chamber of Commerce Infoscreen

Led-Infoscreen O05-2014 - Vienna Chamber of Commerce received an elegant LED Infoscreen for the new "WKO-Impulsforum".

Does not go - is a no go. But it was a challenge!

When we were faced for the first time with this project, our first reaction was that this wish can not be fulfilled. The doors to an emergency pit should be covered with a full-color LED screen info. This does not sound extraordinary, that special was that really was no space available. Were the left and right and in about 1.5 m in front of it and glass doors. The emergency chute must continue to be accessible. As the doors to the bay, the beautiful look disturbed sensitive, they should completely disappear behind a verge to re-install windows. This glazing course had to be open also. Behind it should be an LED information screen will be installed in maximum feasible width in just seven centimeters narrow space. Here counted every millimeter!

Design meets technology, the result is impressive.