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Ziegler Safety Infodisplay

Ziegler O02-2018 - Safety indicator for operational safety for Ziegler Construction Company at Liestal/Switzerland.

ACT supplied one LED Safetydisplay for Company Saftey Information.

Delivery: 02-2018
Product: Digitale LED Safetydisplay
Order: LED-Display for Employment Information for the amount of accident free Day's
Digit height: 11.4cm
Execution: Single sided, four lines Display
LED Diodes: High Quality AllNGaPII Leds
Font Color: Two differnt colors red/green
Brightness: Sun light improved with Sensor
Control: Remote Keyboard

LED display operational safety has priority

"Safety is a priority", this is summoned to the employees day in and day out with a safety display. Sensitization to the topic of occupational safety leads to an increase in safety awareness and, as a consequence, to a reduction in absenteeism, downtimes and downtimes. This increases the quality and productivity.

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