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Parking Information ISS

ISS 400x40001-2018 ACT provides several Minimax displays for the parking garage of ISS Facility Services AG at Vulkanplatz in Zurich.


Production, Delivery, Installation and go Live: 01-2018
Type: LED Display Minimax Series
Adress: ISS Facility Services AG
Place: CH-8048 Zürich
Displayarea: 96 x 16 cm
Resolution: 96 x 16 Pixel
Display Color: 8
Brightness: bis 6000 cd/m2
LED-Technic: SMD 3in1

LED car park displays inform at a glance

LED car park displays ensure a clear and quick orientation to parking spaces in parking lots and parking garages.

Always easy to read

Best readability in all lighting conditions. An already integrated in the LED parking garage display dimmer, the brightness of the LEDs is controlled independently. Whether the sun is shining on the display or it is dark in the garage, an excellent reading is always guaranteed.

ACT ACTIVE LED Parking Guides are maintenance-free, completely weatherproof and can also be mounted outdoors without an additional housing. Often, LED parking garage displays are also integrated into larger parking garage information signs.

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