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ACT LED Solaranzeige Beromünster

Keller Beromuenster 400x40008-2016 ACT supplied a Solardisplay to our Projectpartner Alectron for Recyclingcenter Keller Beromuenster AG.

Production, Delivery, Installation and Golive: 08-2016
Type: LED Solardisplay
Adress: Keller Beromuenster AG
Place: CH-6125 Beromuenster
Digithight: 8cm
Casesize: 800 x 900 x 92 mm
Remarks: Solarlog Interface, GPS-Receiver to set Time by Satelite, Temperaturesensor with Sunlightprotection,
Frontdesign according to customer request, Automatic Brightness Control by Sensor

The new solar display informs about the current electricity production as well as the time of day and the temperature

Good things should be shown too. The Keller Beromünster AG thought the same way and decided to inform people about the performance data of the new solar system with a ACT solar display.

The outdoor LED display was produced exactly according to the wishes of the customer. As an additional eye-catcher, the date, time and outside temperature are displayed.

Automated transmission of all data

Via the Solarlog interface, the performance data is transferred to the solar display and displayed automatically. The exact time and date are displayed by the LED display via satellite, the GPS receiver is built into the display. A temperature sensor with sun protection on a 2.5 m long cable transfers the data to the display controller. The brightness of Agilent / Avago's AllnGaP II LEDs is enormous, exceeding 3,500 mcd per LED. Thus, the information on the LED scoreboard can always be read well even in strong sunlight. The display also has a light sensor integrated. This measures the ambient brightness, the actual brightness is always adjusted to the current lighting conditions in 256 steps. This ensures best readability day and night.

Available in any format

The size of a solar display in modern LED technology depends on the viewing distance and on what should be displayed. We can produce flexibly on customer request. LED solar displays can be manufactured on one or two sides. The numeric color is red, yellow, green or white. The color blue is not recommended, since blue digits always seem a bit out of focus. The smallest LED seven-segment digits are 8 cm high, there's no limit to the top, even a meter high display fields for 500 meters readability are feasible. In the double-walled aluminum profile, the LED displays are completely weatherproof, the housing can be powder-coated in any desired RAL color. The labeling of the solar display with UV-resistant high-performance film is done individually according to customer requirements.

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