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Double lined LED for Truck Hight

Shoppi Tivoli lACT supplyed a two-line outdoor LED display, to the Tivoli Shopping Center in Spreitenbach / ZH.

Delivery: 09-2016
Order: Double lined LED Display Outdoor, Modell PLU100(1)/2/10 EMG
Digithight: 10 cm
Casesize: 105 x 44 x 9 cm
LED Color: rot
Digits per line: 10

The LED display has a light sensor for automatic dimming in 256 steps. The LED is readable up to 50 meters away!

The LED flashes as soon as a truck has exceeded the height control to the access to the unloading area and points out to the driver that damage to the building could occur. Such damage will probably no longer arise with this indication in the future.

Quality and performance make the difference!

A weatherproof, double-walled aluminum outer housing, powder-coated. In color RAL7021 (black gray), 4mm anti-reflective front windscreen, high performance fan, equipped with high-quality AllnGaP II P light-emitting diodes from Hewlett Packard (Agilent / Avago) (approx. 3000mcd / Led !!!) and the possible connection via an interface with potential-free contacts , Made the difference with the customer.

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