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Infostar Colum for your Reception

Infostar 800x800 OBalzers - Two new, modern infostar columns are inviting visitors at the entrance of the two SME companies in Balzers - Buechel Blech AG and Marvo Engineering AG

Delivery, Go Live: 09/2016
Adress: Landstrasse 23 und Maelsner Dorf 17+19, 9496 Balzers
Order: Digital Prospectcolum in a modern and slime Design
Execution: Onesided 16:9 Full HD
Technic: 22" LCD
Brightness: 350 cd/m2
Contrast: 3000:1
Player: Included Media Controller
Size (BxHxT): ca. 1700 x 340 x 32 mm (Bottomplate 360x370mm)


With moving information, beautiful pictures and videos, attention is paid to the company's products or guidelines

Times is changing - the communication also. The customer is bridged with this information system according to the waiting time and can serve as a door opener for possible product interests.

Perfectly combined with your brochures

4 brochure holders provide you with the possibility to offer your current offers or the company brochure ready for use.



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